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Part-Time Officers
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Number of vacancies: 1


Tayyab Shafiq / Syeda Valliani
Hi guys, my name is Tayyab Shafiq, I am an Engineering student and currently, I am the Faculty StAR for the Engineering Sciences while she is Syeda Valliani, Information Management for business student. Together as a team, we both have been involved in various clubs and societies at UCL and we are both jointly running for the position of Sustainability Officer to represent YOU, the students of UCL and YOUR ideas in making them a reality. Collectively, we both have a very good idea of the issues & problems students are facing, we are here to LISTEN to you and address YOUR VIEWS and OPINIONS to the union as ONE VOICE and make UCL the BEST institution of the WORLD.

We intend to:
- Improved Water Facilities Throughout the Campus
- Say No To Fossil Fuels
- Increased Space Being Made Available During Exams
- Re-Open Bloomsbury Theatre
- Promoting Cycling
- Cut Stuent Rent - UCL, Cut Down The Rent
Guinevere Carter
My name is Guinevere Carter and I am running for the position of Sustainability Officer in the UCLU 2016 Spring Elections. I am running for this position to make sure UCL starts living up to its stated mission to “conduct itself ethically and fairly, and in an environmentally sustainable manner, locally, nationally and globally.’ Currently UCL is failing at this, as UCL invests over £14million in climate destroying fossil fuel companies such as BP. I will challenge management to divest from these and reinvest the millions into green technology. I am currently on my year abroad, but in 2014/15 I progressed the campaign for divestment as part of Fossil Free UCL by getting UCL to commit to a review of all its fossil fuel stocks. UCL management needs to remember that universities should primarily be a place for developing knowledge for the betterment of society, not business profits.