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Sabbatical Officers
Voting is currently closed
Number of vacancies: 1

The Sustainability, Engagement & Operations Officer will strive to perpetuate widespread understanding of the Union’s activities, developments and achievements. They will uphold the Union’s democratic structure and encourage democratic engagement in all sectors of the Membership. They will additionally be responsible for HR and other staffing issues, ensure adequate use of the Union’s spaces, and ensure all of UCLU’s financial activity and service provision is ethically and environmentally sound. This is a full time paid role in which you will also:

  • Have oversight of finances and performance against set budgets
  • Ensure UCLU conducts it activities effectively and efficiently
  • Deal with staffing issues
  • Maintain the reputation of UCLU
  • Ensuring appropriate use of Union Space
  • Be an active member of Union Council, Union Executive and other committees

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Zakariya Mohran