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Raj Pradhan
This is a critical period for RUMS. Threats of funding cuts and a merger with UCLU continually loom, while national-scale medical student activity against contract changes perseveres. Now more than ever, RUMS needs to be an active and potent force.

If elected, I will ensure that RUMS continues to be involved in the movement against the imposed junior doctor contract changes. I will also fight any UCLU imposed cuts, including to travel reclaim: our sports teams are a source of pride and should be protected. That said, I am a strong believer that RUMS is about a lot more than just sports. By enabling newer RUMS societies to establish themselves as members of the RUMS community, and improving provision and awareness of welfare services, we can make RUMS more relevant to more students, and by building on our relationship with the medical school we can continue to improve teaching. Finally, the RUMS committee will be made more transparent and accountable.

As RUMS treasurer and an active member of the RUMS community through both sports and societies, I have a thorough understanding of what needs to be done and how to do it. Vote Raj!
Rebecca Clarke
RUMS is a unique, powerful and influential body that needs protecting. It provides the platform for students to guide their learning and have a say about the future of their profession. It is also a hub of extra-curricular activity that allows us to get a well-rounded university experience.

If I were elected as RUMS Officer, I would make it my mission to ensure the medical school listens to and acts upon student feedback. I also think it is important for people to know where to turn when they need help and thus I would aim to promote the various support services established for RUMS students. Another key activity would be to continue to be the voice of RUMS students against the proposed junior doctor contract. I would also like to encourage more students to get involved in the sports and societies offered within RUMS, helping the smaller societies to boost involvement and making RUMS central to university life for all.

Having been RUMS Welfare VP and president of RUMS Women’s Football, I have been fully immersed in RUMS and leadership roles within it; I believe I thoroughly understand what needs to be done to help RUMS reach its full potential.