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Voting is currently closed You would need to self-define as LGBQ+ to vote.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1

The LGBT+ Officer will represent the interests of self-defining lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGBT+) students within the Union, and will be responsible for bringing any related matters or campaigns that are in the interests of the student community. This is a part time role in which you would:

  • Represent LGBT+ students on issues within the Union
  • Convene the LGBT+ Students’ Section
  • Liaise on behalf of UCLU with the NUS LGBT Campaign
  • Attend NUS LGBT Conferences
  • Be an active member of Union Council, Union Executive and other committees


Matthew Wagaine
Under my lead, the LGBT+ Network will flourish across these three key areas (P.D.A.):

1. Pastoral care - more emphasis placed on mental health needs with monthly self-care sessions and off-campus retreats in safe spaces; buddy-up system for shy freshers initial hesitant to join our network
2. Diversity - the cis white male dominance of general socials will be countered by quotas committee representatives of less represented intersections must meet so that more students feel inclined to join in
3. Activism - more workshops and panel discussions will be created to educate ourselves about our history, how we can become more radical and resilient in the face of opposition, and how we can overcome issues within our community to stand on a united front

- Increased feedback from the student body with more frequent open meetings per term to ensure that these targets are being met
- Spreading LGBT+ visibility across different academic departments and societies, such as the Drama Society staging an LGBT+ play.
- I can use my established connections with KCL LGBT+ to have more regular joint events; this means bigger turnout, bigger budget and therefore a better experience for ALL
John Allain-Labon
Johnny and Holly are first year students studying Physics and English Literature respectively. Johnny cares about LGBT+ and gender equity, represents UCL at debating competitions and spends far too much time in Heaven. Holly is interested in LGBT+ representation, spends her time reading Judith Butler and enjoys photography.
We are campaigning on three platforms:
Support for Freshers:
- Produce a guide with advice on being an LGBT+ student at UCL
- Organise a "meet the LGBT+ committee" afternoon social
- Generate more publicity for drop-in support sessions
- Organise LGBT+ poetry events
- Co-ordinate with other UoL LGBT+ societies
- Organise more regular sober socials and end-of-term parties
- Maintain the momentum of the "They for Them" pronoun campaign
- Promote consciousness of intersectional LGBT+ issues on campus
- Improve support networks within faculties at UCL