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Affaf Qureshi
Affaf Ali Qureshi
For International Students’ Officer

I’m a 2nd year Economics student. I have the experience of leading my college’s entrepreneurial society. I want to provide a clear route for international students to raise concerns and encourage community integration.

Key Policies:
• Fixed Fees for international students to protect them from unanticipated and unfair increases in their fees.
• Career & Visa Sponsorship awareness so international students can target the suitable firms who are willing to support their visa extension.
• Improve the underfunded English Language Support Programme (WALS) run by UCLU. I aim to increase the bookable one-to-one sessions with peer tutors.
• Support for International Students’ scholarships
• Adequate provision of student accommodation by ensuring international students are given preference at UCL student houses.
• Increase the number of jobs that are specific to international students, posted on the UCLU Job Shop

These policies will help ensure that international students receive the standard of education and facilities they pay for.
I recognize that I have an obligation to do justice to this opportunity and will constantly search for innovative ways to move the international community forward. PLEASE VOTE AT If you have any queries please contact me via email [email protected]