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Part-Time Officers
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Halls Accommodation Representative will represent the needs of students currently living in Halls to UCL and other relevant authorities, and campaign for adequate, affordable and accessible housing for UCL students. This is a part time role in which will also:

  • Liaise with the Welfare and International Officer, Halls Representatives and the Rights and Advice Centre
  • Be an active member of Union Council, Union Executive and other committees
  • Report regularly to the Union Executive on implementation of relevant Policy


Aleksandra Tomaszewska
The fight for the lower rent is going on, but it is not over yet. UCL has been increasing the cost of rent every year, making it so expensive and unaffordable that it is in fact pushing students out of UCL. At the same time working and living conditions in halls are poor and not adequate to the price. Constantly unsolved problems, vermin infestations, poor access for disabled students are some, but not all of the problems faced by students living in halls. I want to fight for the lower rent in all UCL halls and student houses. I want to represent international students living in halls as well – what is the field that was neglected in the past years. I also wish to offer listening ear and advice to each hall resident looking for support.
Zain Rafique
Our manifesto for Halls Accommodation Representative 2016/17 is simple:

1. Lower rent
i. Support the ‘UCL Cut the Rent Campaign’
ii. Prioritize UCL student wellbeing over profit-making

2. High Quality Accommodation with a Focus on Hygiene
i. Better security measures
ii. Guest policy for students
iii. Increased checks and balances
iv. Decrease vandalism
v. Eliminate risk of theft from rooms and kitchens
vi. Increase harmony
vii. Prevent harassment
viii. Cleanliness of common spaces
ix. Hygienic and healthy catering
x. Introduce a quiet study room and common study area
xi. Provide computers with printing facilities
xii. Improve facilities and access for disabled students

3. Sustainable Living
i. Avoid shameful instances such as rat infestation
ii. Ensure construction does not impact student quality of life
iii. UCL to analyze impact of policies on students before implementation
iv. Increase investment and capacity of accommodations

4. More Activities and Options for Students
i. Increase budget for social events
ii. Create separate social events for international students
iii. Guarantee international students accommodation for the duration of their course
iv. Else, help international students with securing accommodation
v. Alter pricing regulation for students during holidays