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Part-Time Officers
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Number of vacancies: 1

The External Accommodation Officer will represent the needs and demands of students living outside UCL and University of London Halls, and campaign for adequate, affordable and accessible housing for UCL students. This is a part time role in which you will also:

  • Be an active member of Union Council and other committees
  • Defend and extend the housing rights of Members outside university accommodation
  • Liaise with the Welfare and International Officer and the Rights and Advice Centre
  • Be an active member of Union Council, Union Executive and other committees
  • Report regularly to the Union Executive on implementation of relevant Policy


Anabel Bennett
Students need to be aware of their rights as tenants, and I will make sure that UCLU is a valuable resource for students, should any disputes ever arise in private accommodation. As an active campaigner, I will ensure that UCL students outside of UCL accommodation get adequate and vocal representation. The fight for affordable, accessible, and decent housing involves all students.