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Part-Time Officers
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Community Relations Officer shall be responsible for representing UCL students in the local community. They will coordinate campaigns related to issues within the local community that affect UCL students, and report on any issues to the Union that affect its members. This is a part time role in which you will also:

  • Represent UCL students in the local community
  • Work with the Welfare & International  Officer to represent students in the local community
  • Work with the Welfare & International Officer on issues affecting student safety in the community
  • Be an active member of Union Executive, Union Council and other committees


Rajni Mahzabin
Right to Education - UCL was founded on the belief that everyone had an equal right to education so let’s maintain that ethos! We propose to coordinate projects to equip disadvantaged students with academic and extra-curricular skills to motivate them to work towards a brighter future. This also includes pushing for better financial support for student refugees.
Outreach - We hope to work closely with the VSU and student societies to fully support student led outreach campaigns and bring relevant and important volunteering opportunities to the forefront.
Fight for YOU - Most importantly, we are here for YOU, so we’ll address the needs of students, including working with accommodation officers to help students find affordable and fair private accommodation and promoting employment opportunities at UCL. We are also here to represent and support you in the local community so we hope to create more accessible platforms for students to voice their concerns and ideas.
ONE community - We know the difference a united community can make, especially in the face of divisive campaigns. We want to work with cultural and religious student societies to champion projects which promote unity and diversity within the UCL and local community, lending to a...