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Part-Time Officers
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Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1

The Activities Officer shall support the non-academic development of the students by encouraging Club and Society activities. They will help in coordinating the activities that Clubs and Societies are involved in, and will aim to facilitate student engagement in the management and administration of their Clubs and Societies. This is a part time role in which you will:

  • Support the Student Activities & Events Officer in representing Club and Society areas to the Union and the College
  • Encourage Clubs and Societies to be inclusive and work within UCLU Equal Opportunities policy
  • Help co-ordinate annual events
  • Be an active member of Union Council, Union Executive and other committees
  • Chair the Activities Network and the Activities Network Executive


Umer Shams
As officers we aim to establish a stronger connection between students and the UCL union, by encouraging societies to play a more active role in the Union's democratic processes. Furthermore, we hope to bring forth many developments, such as the return of ‘One World Week’, a week dedicated to the celebration of cultures around the world. Finally, we understand the struggles that societies face (with problems such as room bookings) and wish to create an environment within which they can operate easily and thereby making it easier for them to provide for their members.