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Sabbatical Officers
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Wahida Samie
As your Education and Campaigns officer I will fight to defend and improve UCL student’s educational experience and their academic needs, it is my responsibility to support student representation at all levels. This covers everything from stabilising tuition fees for everyone to individual student issues. I hope to encourage student activism, help passionate students run their own campaigns and reduce the gap between students and academic staff.

Having spent almost three years at UCL you begin to see things that need improving, UCL has helped shape me as an individual and I want the opportunity to make it better for current and prospective students.
Raquel Nunes Palmeira
I'm a socialist, feminist, anti-racist and LGBT rights activist, involved in UCL Defend Education and the socialist organisation Workers' Liberty. If I am elected I want to…

Change our campus

Many UCL students struggle with rent, food and transport costs. We should have cheap food, affordable rents and childcare, transport subsidies, and a more accessible campus. We should have a culture of free organisation and free speech for students. We are not going to get anything by asking politely! We need to organise and fight to win real changes from UCL management!

Fight for free education

In November, 10,000 students demonstrated for free education. We should continue campaigning to scrap fees, get bigger grants, democratise our education and liberate our curriculums, pushing NUS to start fighting too and take up issues like opposing public sector cuts and demanding more secure, decently-paid jobs for young people.

Build solidarity

While UCL invests in fossil fuel and has a campus in Qatar where workers work in slave-like conditions and LGBTQ people are persecuted, here lecturers fight pay cuts, cleaners struggle for basic rights and teaching assistants fight casualization. UCLU should make solidarity with campaigns like these a top priority.
Vlad Kardapoltsev
• Recordings for all the lectures
• More quiet study space during the exam period - make use of the empty lecture theatres
• 24 hour library opening on the weekends.
More study friendly facilities: library vending machines, lockers and more toilets (there is no male toilet in the Main Library!).
• I will make the departments publish the student peer assessed ratings of the courses, so the underperforming/disconnected tutors will be encouraged to consider ways of improving courses through transparency.
• I will push UCL to have equal and affordable fees for all programmes, independent of nationality.
• I will lobby UCL to issue exam timetables at least in early March. Students deserve to plan their revision in advance.
• I will work closely with the liberation officers to organise campaigns against rising fees as well as increasing awareness of the inequality issues.

• Quality of education and research is what UCL is globally renowned for - I will aim to ensure that our university's reputation, calibre and inclusiveness remain a top priority.