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Sabbatical Officers
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Activities & Events Officer will be primarily concerned with the non-academic development of Members, and will encourage and support the development of Clubs and Societies. They will additionally be responsible for financial matters of Clubs and Societies, including the awarding of extra funding. The Activities & Events Officer also covers Union Colours and Awards, skills development and volunteering. They will also be the lead Officer for organising the Union’s events.


Asad Khan
The next few years are critical for UCLU! The student trustee role has allowed me to assess the issues affecting the Union and formulate a course needed for the future. A major issue is that of societies feeling neglected and wanting fairer treatment in comparison to others. Finding a long-term solution for the Garage is quintessential for the Arts societies as stage crew have had considerable difficulty with the ‘roaming’ Garage; deteriorating student experience. UCLU sport clubs require the additional funds and resources to move from a good to excellent status. I propose to attain this from creating a partnership with UCL, leading to a vast improvement in our sporting facilities. A stigma haunting society and university has been of Sexual Harassment; if elected I aim to show zero tolerance for this and implement strict measures to ensure its eradication! The level of bureaucracy within the Union has been hindering an enormous amount of improvement and leading to a very slow rate of response to the clubs and societies. Revamping the current system by empowering the Arts, Sports and Societies officers will streamline progress and reduce the bureaucracy.
Ella Skinner

• The wide and exciting range of non-academic activities available to UCLU students are some of the best services our Union provides and are a credit to the clubs and societies that run them. Having been actively involved in various clubs and societies over my three years at UCL has given me insight into areas where the union can improve to provide better services for students.
• My main aims are to solve problems surrounding space, funding and events, whilst promoting inclusion and diversity. I want societies to have greater access to appropriate activity spaces. Simplifying funding and request processes would result in a system that is easier for clubs and societies to use. Tailoring UCLU events towards students’ desires and budgets is essentially for improving annual events such as Summer Ball.
• I want to help the union provide a supportive, usable service that assists clubs and societies in providing high quality activities for students. Vote for me to expand and improve activities and events to give UCL students the best possible experience during their time here.