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Date count run19 Mar 2021
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Round Kevin Bocaj Haroon Nasir Saad Pasha RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
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Count of first choices. The initial quota is 17.00. Candidate Kevin Bocaj has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Kevin Bocaj.

Number of vacancies: 1


Kevin Bocaj
A while back, MUN was unknown to me. Yet in the past few months, I have been in an accelerator: simulations, intercollegiate conferences, chairing at LIMUN HS, and volunteering workshops. I have grown fond of MUN, and next year I would be eager to contribute to its teaching and training. Drawing from my experience as Workshops Director in my High School’s Debate society and the excellent training I received from this year’s officers, I have some ideas in mind.

First, creating a tier system (no pun intended) of training delivery. While no previous knowledge is required, it is crucial that UCLUNA caters for varying levels of expertise to maximise everybody’s learning outcome. Ground-level training on the one hand, intermediate and advanced sessions on the other.

Second, offering an extended range of internal simulations and external conferences. The best delegates are those who get their hands dirty – and we need to get them more of that trial stage.

Third, compiling a bespoke handbook of rules, techniques and advice that delegates can consult at any time. While individual resources are helpful, an all-in-one-place delegate guidebook can make an incredible difference.

This is what I have in the pipeline – but as I have learnt throughout the year, UCLUNA is a community where everybody helps each other, so a lot more is to come.

Thank you,
Saad Pasha
In accordance with the constitution and in coordination with the Vice President of MUN, my priority would be to schedule sessions for the year and establish session plans on a weekly basis.
My next course of action would be to ensure that all sessions are recorded and put up on the UCLUNA YouTube channel along with any content material uploaded to a google drive promptly. I would also like to introduce pre-recorded sessions delivered on my own which shortly summarise the training content for the day and take a planned session to be more interactive/practical. In terms of interaction, this would include escape rooms and time-limited simulations to make sessions more engaging. Calling forth previous munners, from the UNA alumni to share their experience and how they would recommend working on a specific committee can also make sessions more interactive.
I believe that when it comes to being the MUN Director, experience is just as important as having the ability to deliver content with confidence and being a role model for other members of committee to look to when help is needed. These are qualities which I possess and believe that my contributions to the society for the 21/22 committee will be plentiful.
Haroon Nasir
My name is Haroon Nasir and I am running to be your MUN Director!

I am a delegate at LIMUN 2021, Europe's largest University-level MUN conference. Through this, I hope to gain insights and apply them to make UCL UNA a more efficient and inclusive society.