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Igor Chmielinski
What makes me a good addition to Tharsos is my balance between being a leader and a team player. I appreciated it especially through the organization of the UCL Leaders conference as Finance Officer, where I lead the finance team, and through cooperation with colleagues, we managed to recruit speakers such as Rafal Brzoska (CEO of InPost).

Another qualities that I find useful are patience and persistence. I strongly believe and notice that it is worth thinking long-term and consistently implementing the intended plan, even when their fruits of our work are not visible today.

In my previous roles such as USG for Finance at Tricity Model United Nations I proved to be able to take initiative which I hope to do at Tharsos as well. Being proactive is very important for me, I definitely wouldn’t call myself a bystander.

Here at EFS I am hoping to take this society to another level. By that I mean: creating new relationships with industry related firms and other societies as well maintaining current relationships through collaborative work and most importantly working on staying consistent with producing news reports. In my opinion this would enable us to give Tharsos a fresh new look as well as enhance the way in which it is operating right now which is well needed.

#maketharsosgreatagain #freetharsos