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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running6
Available positions2
Total ballots99
Valid votes99
Invalid votes0


Round Ayesha Salejee Julian Aquilina Sharika Sundar Mohammed Lester Neha Deshpande RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 21.00 46.00 18.00 4.00 10.00 0.00 0.00 13.00 33.00
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 33.00. Candidate Julian Aquilina has reached the threshold and is elected. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
2 21.96 33.00 23.76 5.92 12.88 1.44 0.04 0.00 32.98
Count after transferring surplus votes from Julian Aquilina. No candidates have surplus votes so candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
3 27.96 33.00 26.76 1.92 2.88 1.44 5.04 0.00 30.48
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 2 of eliminating Mohammed Lester, Neha Deshpande, and RON (Re-Open Nominations). Transferred votes with value 1.00.
3 27.96 33.00 28.68 9.36 0.00 28.32
Count after substage 2 of 2 of eliminating Mohammed Lester, Neha Deshpande, and RON (Re-Open Nominations). Transferred votes with value 0.48. Candidate Sharika Sundar has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winners are Julian Aquilina and Sharika Sundar.

Number of vacancies: 2


Julian Aquilina
Hi Everyone!

I'm Julian, i'm in year 4, and I would love to put myself forward to be one of your Education Officers next year!

Surgical Society's teaching is becoming more and more popular. This year, Surgical Society have given us some really helpful tutorials and i would love to keep these going and continue to grow the teaching aspect of our society.

One thing i would love to bring to Surgical Society teaching is more dedicated OSCE and OCAPE practice, with regular high-yield practice stations and discussions to keep you on your toes all year round, and help you feel a bit more prepared for the real exam! This is definitely something i would love to have had when i was a pre-clinical student, and something i am currently doing with some friends as a clinical student.

I really enjoy teaching people and have gained some more experience in teaching recently! I've enjoyed giving tutorials to my Year 1 transition group (who are doing really well and gave me some good feedback!) and i've also helped run some OSCE and OCAPE practice sessions over the years.

Outside of medicine, i also teach children and young adults how to play tennis- some of them have nearly ended up beating me! So teaching must be a natural skill of mine.

I'll always be happy to take on suggestions and organise sessions on topics that people feel weaker on, and i'll use your feedback to make the sessions as useful as possible for you all.

Vote for me! You won't regret it!
Mohammed Lester
As a clinical student, I recognise the importance developing surgical knowledge, in order to make the most of surgical placements and future foundation training – especially when developing a diverse surgical portfolio. I am confident that with enthusiasm and a positive attitude we can include all students and help prepare them for exams and wherever their career takes them.
Neha Deshpande
Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well! I’m Neha, a third year medic studying the Clinical Sciences iBSc.
I would really enjoy the duties of Education Officer. Primarily, this is because I have loved my experience as Tutorial editor in UCL Anatomy Society. It has made me realise how passionate I am about teaching and making students feel more comfortable with anatomy - particularly reminiscing here about the undoubtedly fun times during second year exam revision!
Experience creating anatomy tutorial slides, organising & delivering tutorials as well as creating videos to assist teaching makes me feel confident in my skill set for Education Officer. I would prioritise including student input to make anatomy workshops useful, creative and engaging, with the goal of thorough anatomy understanding.
My experience has taught me how to collaborate with other societies to boost education through constructive and smooth teamwork & communication. If I were elected, I would enthusiastically organise surgical teaching sessions, fourth-year anatomy tutorials, surgical skills teaching, the Surgical CV and Y1 Survival Guide. Particularly, I would encourage input and listen to all.
I am grateful to have the opportunity to be considered and I hope for your vote.
Thanks for reading.
Ayesha Salejee
Hi, my name is Ayesha.
I am running for this position as I have a strong interest in teaching and medical education, and would like to create opportunities that will make learning as easy as possible for all students.

I have had experience in being a module lead for RUMS Islamic Society, planning and delivering anatomy and physiology tutorials,, planning new, creative ways to teach Basic Life Support online, and managing a volunteering project, which has allowed me to gain a wide variety of experience in leading a team, teaching and administration, which would enable me to fulfil this role.

If elected, I aim to:
1) Hold end of module anatomy/surgical tutorials, covering topics that are student requested
2) Send out a Case Study based question in the weekly newsletter, consisting of SBAs, long and short answer questions for Y1-5 students for better knowledge consolidation
3) Have Case Study based questions at the end of tutorials with SBAs, long and short answer questions to encourage critical thinking and consolidate knowledge
4) Introduce an informal anatomy mock OCaPE for Y1 and 2 students

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
Thank you.
Sharika Sundar
Passionate about the availability of high-quality teaching and resources to supplement the curriculum, I am ecstatic to be running for your next Education Officer. Having benefitted from a variety of student-run education initiatives and curated material in my pre-clinical years, it would be my pleasure and privilege to contribute to, organise and oversee the highly praised tutorials and educational events held by Surgical Society next year.

As the current chair of Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Foetal Surgery and committee member of MedSoc’s Obstetrics & Gynaecology division, I have honed the necessary skill of organisation, whilst learning the value of collaboration to successfully execute an event. As a tutor delivering the Surgical Society-Anatomy Society tutorials this year and a private tutor, I have learned immeasurably about the importance of catering teaching styles to specific student needs and the significance of rapport between a tutor and a tutee.

If elected, I will strive to continue the many existing operations and implement:

- Expansion of anatomy mentoring scheme to 2nd year- students can contact an older peer for ongoing questions
- ‘Surgical question of the week’ via social media to engage wider audiences
- Tailoring 1st/2nd/4th year tutorials to student demands via pre-tutorial surveys
- Starting 5th year refresher tutorials
- Expansion of 4th year SOFT- Surgical OSCE
- Signposting to resources recommended or created by society/committee members