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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running2
Available position1
Total ballots10
Valid votes10
Invalid votes0


Round Julia Szabo RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 10.00 0.00 5.00 5.00
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 5.00. Candidate Julia Szabo has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Julia Szabo.

Number of vacancies: 1


Julia Szabo
I would like to run for this position in the committee because I want to continue to up-hold the Society’s principles and values. As this was a challenging year for all of us, I want to assure every new member that they have somewhere where they belong to, a warm and welcoming place in the Society. Based on my last year experience as the Vice-President, I was responsible of organizing events, promoting them on social platforms and come up with ideas of improvement to embrace our traditions and culture. The Society has a great potential of becoming better and better, and I strongly believe that I am a suitable candidate, as I am prepared to continue to deliver new social events in this entertaining atmosphere.