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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running2
Available position1
Total ballots20
Valid votes20
Invalid votes0


Round Tim Lai RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 20.00 0.00 10.00 10.00
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 10.00. Candidate Tim Lai has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Tim Lai.

Number of vacancies: 1


Tim Lai
I am Hilary and I am running to be your Public Affairs Officer. Why vote for me? I am...

Being part of the committee for multiple societies at UCL and my secondary school, I am experienced at executing different events such as forums and talks. Being the team internal vice-captain at school also prepared me with the leadership ability to enhance the bonding among subcommittees. I believe I have the communication and organisation skills to be a successful team player and PAO.

2. Adaptable
The prevalence of Covid 19 has led to a lot of uncertainties and inconvenience. However, I am determined to prevent the pandemic from hindering our members' experience. I will organise more online events so members from all around the world can join. I will also be planning backups for in-person activities in case the situation does not allow face-to-face events.

3. Passionate
I have always taken a keen interest in politics, and find great satisfaction in igniting people’s curiosity about ongoing local and global affairs. I believe the promotion of 'public affairs' should not be limited to political issues, but also topics such as sustainable development and cultural conservation. Therefore, I plan to introduce more themes to PA events. I am eager to gather and meet like-minded people through organising different activities.