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Date count run22 Apr 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running5
Available positions2
Total ballots47
Valid votes44
Invalid votes3


Round Stephanie Frank Angus Colwell Nandini Agarwal Deepali Foster RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 4.00 17.00 6.00 17.00 0.00 4.66 14.67
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 14.67. Candidates Angus Colwell and Deepali Foster have reached the threshold and are elected.

Winners are Angus Colwell and Deepali Foster.

Number of vacancies: 2


Angus Colwell
Hi, I’m Angus, an Opinion Editor at Pi. This year, the Opinion section has consistently been on the pulse, responding to political and cultural affairs quickly and incisively. As a writer for two years, I’ve written pieces on everything from Barack Obama to Dua Lipa, Instagram to Hungarian politics, and have interviewed several public figures, such as Grace Blakeley and David Runciman.

Next year we have a great chance to meet and work collaboratively! Some of my plans as a Pi Online Co-EIC include:
1. A new section — Internet. Online is somewhere that we, as students, can be ahead of the curve of the established media. A new section editor would commission reporters to write about the latest trends (or malign forces) on TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, Clubhouse etc.
2. Photojournalism - using UCL's brilliant photographers to publish photo-essays that would look great online and on Instagram.
3. Journalism masterclasses - led by Pi and visiting journalists, on skillsets like writing longreads, investigating, diversity in journalism, getting internships, etc.
4. More interviews - Being student journalists means we all have a unique excuse/chance to talk to people who inspire us!
5. Access to news media — I’ll make sure everyone at Pi Online has as much access to online magazines/papers as possible through a systematic review of UCL's login access.

Next year will be a better one, and hopefully we’ll all get a chance to meet. In the meantime, thanks for reading! Angus :)
Nandini Agarwal
From Editor in Chief of my school magazine to Founder and Editor of my own online literary magazine, writing and editing have taken over my life for as long as I can remember. I believe that my constant engagement with words, others’ and mine, gives me the skills I need to fulfil this role. My newfound journey at Pi has taken me from writing an opinionated film review, to interviewing the Provost. I aim to make Pi Media an inclusive space for every student to express themselves in a way that gives them satisfaction- that’s what I believe writing is about.
Pi Media is a large society, and as Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine, I will provide opportunities for our members to get to better know and understand each other. First, considering the lack of interaction during the pandemic, I plan to organise social events besides weekly drop-in sessions. Second, collaborations with other student-led publications to enhance our sense of community. Since Pi provides such a diverse variety of content, my third goal will be to provide cohesive structure to the online magazine, while maintaining the sheer range of topics we cover.
In one year, my independent online magazine reached over 4000 readers. I believe I can expand the reach of Pi to ensure that the hard work gets the reach it deserves. My love and passion for words and working with other people make this role something I look forward to undertaking with responsibility. I promise a year of growth, community and creativity!
Deepali Foster
I believe that my extensive involvement with Pi Media would make me a well-experienced online Editor-in-Chief. During my first year at UCL, I loved writing for Pi Online and Pi Magazine (as well as filming for PiTV), and this year I’ve enjoyed my role of News Editor. My varying responsibilities within the society means that I’ve developed a strong understanding of how Pi runs.

As News Editor, I’ve learnt the importance of a collaborative and communicative society; Pi is equally shaped by its writers, section editors, committee, and readers. As EIC, I would therefore guide and oversee projects, whilst encouraging the team to shape their own publication and trust their own ideas.

As co-Founder and EIC of an online publication, The Sundial Journal, I have experience managing a large body of writers and editors. My leadership experience would hopefully make me a particularly attentive EIC.

I’d use my skills as Editor-In-Chief to ensure that Pi continues to produce high-quality and stimulative content that showcases the diverse voices of UCL. I’d focus on engaging with UCL students and staff, perhaps introducing a ‘Personal Essays’ section to widen Pi’s reach, and I’d also aim to connect Pi with other London publications and organisations through collaborative workshops and guest speakers. This would not only be enriching, but also create networking opportunities for our members, many of whom hope to pursue journalism after university.

Thank you for considering me!
Stephanie Frank
I’m a proud and longstanding member of Pi Media and I would like to give back to the society as next year is my final year. As an Online Editor-in-Chief for Pi Media, I want to emphasize inclusivity and the power of individual voice. I want to help encourage writers to pursue their passions and overcome obstacles of fear and self-doubt.

Having worked in the journalism industry professionally for the past two years, I believe I’m a strong candidate for this position. Last summer, I completed a work placement with an intelligent German fashion magazine, illustrating my ability work well in a creative team. In this position, I reviewed, copy-edited and uploaded articles from contributing writers on a daily basis; exercising vital skills as an online editor. I also wrote for their online magazine to a professional standard on a daily basis and I was published in their Autumn 2020 print edition, evidencing my strong writing skills.