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Date count run19 Mar 2021
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Abraham Kayal
I am Abraham Kayal, a junior doctor and student at the Institute of Ophthalmology. The Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences Society is a brand-new society which has the potential to bring together medical students and practicing physicians under one roof for the purpose of global restoration of vision!

If I am elected, I will do my best to bring excitement to this club! The major ideas I would like to implement include:
1. Becoming more involved with students and alumni through Social Media.
2. Organising:
- Revision Courses in cooperation with practicing Ophthalmologists! (history and examination, key clinical cases and conditions, fundoscopy interpretation, and practice MCQs)
- Volunteering Opportunities including travel to lesser-developed countries and observing or assist practicing doctors to have incredible clinical experiences!
- Annual general meetings with opportunities to present posters and ideas!
- OSCE cases Tutorials!
- Duke Elder exam revision courses!
- Tutorials on how to build a competitive Ophthalmology Portfolio!
- A Careers Evening!
3. Increase awareness of the use of AI and associated data science in Ophthalmology.

I am very passionate about ophthalmology and will support all ideas that encourage teaching of ophthalmology and its clinical applications.
My club leadership experience includes the establishment and presidency of a Volleyball Club at my Medical University.

Thank you for your support!

Abraham Kayal