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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running10
Available positions3
Total ballots57
Valid votes57
Invalid votes0


Round Sohum Sen Chenxuan Fu Hugo Ferreira Ziyu Qiu Yuxuan Liu Liucija Vaicenaviciute Liv Wiemann Sara Chew Fady Salama RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 5.00 1.00 18.00 16.00 1.00 4.00 4.00 1.00 7.00 0.00 0.00 5.50 14.25
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 14.25. Candidates Hugo Ferreira and Ziyu Qiu have reached the threshold and are elected. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
2 5.46 1.00 14.25 16.00 1.00 4.92 4.00 1.00 9.30 0.00 0.07 1.75 14.22
Count after transferring surplus votes from Hugo Ferreira. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
3 5.46 1.14 14.25 14.25 1.00 5.34 4.42 1.56 9.44 0.00 0.14 0.00 14.18
Count after transferring surplus votes from Ziyu Qiu. No candidates have surplus votes so candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
4 5.46 0.14 14.25 14.25 5.34 4.42 0.56 9.44 3.14 0.00 12.68
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 2 of eliminating Chenxuan Fu, Yuxuan Liu, Sara Chew, and RON (Re-Open Nominations). Transferred votes with value 1.00.
4 5.46 14.25 14.25 5.48 4.70 9.44 3.42 0.00 12.54
Count after substage 2 of 2 of eliminating Chenxuan Fu, Yuxuan Liu, Sara Chew, and RON (Re-Open Nominations). Transferred votes with value 0.14. No candidates have surplus votes so candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
5 6.46 14.25 14.25 5.48 0.70 9.44 6.42 0.00 11.04
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 2 of eliminating Liv Wiemann. Transferred votes with value 1.00.
5 6.46 14.25 14.25 5.48 9.86 6.70 0.00 10.90
Count after substage 2 of 2 of eliminating Liv Wiemann. Transferred votes with value 0.14. No candidates have surplus votes so candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
6 6.46 14.25 14.25 1.48 10.86 9.70 0.00 9.40
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 3 of eliminating Liucija Vaicenaviciute. Transferred votes with value 1.00. Candidate Fady Salama has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winners are Hugo Ferreira, Ziyu Qiu, and Fady Salama.

Number of vacancies: 3


Ziyu Qiu
Hi, my name is Alessia and do keep reading to find out why I’m running for Vice-President!
Working in the committee this year as the Marketing Officer has been one of my 2020 highlights and what has kept my motivation steady during the intermittent on/off lockdowns we have experienced. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting fellow MedTech enthusiasts while working to enlarge your insights of the MedTech world, from Academia to Enterprise!
This year, I have worked towards making our society more visible through our socials and extend the reach of our events, such as during this year’s AI in Medicine 2-week conference featuring amazing speakers from different countries. In the process, I have also had the chance to answer many of our member’s messages and interact with our larger community.
After being promoted into the Executive Team, I have learned a lot about how our society's being run while also getting involved in more projects! One of the most rewarding roles has been to coordinate the organisation of our First Mentorship Programme, allowing +70 UCL students to be personally mentored by professional experts in the field!
With this year’s insider experience, I am confident and very keen to continue to bring new, exciting, cutting-edge events while building on our successful MedTech annual events, such as the Women In MedTech series, Mentorship Programme and AI in Medicine Conference!
Let's keep making the Society a great hub for you find your way into the MedTech world!
Yuxuan Liu
Hello everyone! I’m Sienna, a current first year BSc Biochemistry student. I’m running for the position of vice president. I am confident that my strong leadership and event planning skills will allow me to excel in this role. I not only received leadership training for 2 years, but have also had hands-on experience leading a student club as the president, where I doubled the membership within a year and grew it into the second largest student organization in the entire school. I once helped source and secure a CA$1000 sponsorship from a national organization for one of the public events that my team organized. This year, I’m a First Year Executive at Asia Careers Society and an academic secretary at Life Science Society, through which I gained insights into the management of university level student organizations.

If elected, I aim to achieve the following:
1. Help the President with team management to ensure a supportive work environment for all committee members
2. Work closely with the Corporate Relations officers to seek sponsorships from and collaboration with leading medtech companies in order to increase society’s outreach and build reputation

I look forward to bringing my passion and sense of responsibility to the MedTech society. I hope you can vote for me. Thank you! :)
Liv Wiemann
My name is Liv, and this past year I have been a corporate relations officer at the UCL MedTech society. I was involved in building and maintaining relationships with our corporate sponsors and organising our first annual MedTech mentorship Programme. Being part of this committee has been a truly stimulating experience and has given me a profound insight into how the fields of Medicine and Technology overlap. I would love to continue to share this passion with other like-minded students as Vice-President of next year's committee.

Due to my previous experience, I know what it takes to be a good committee member, and I have realized that success can only be achieved if everyone can have a say. Therefore, I will be committed to increasing our social activity by sending out surveys to our members to give them a chance to say what they would love to do and plan our events according to their needs. Furthermore, I would love to continue my work on the Mentorship Programme while enhancing networking events and introducing application/internship workshops. If the pandemic has made it difficult for you to find and apply for jobs/internships, don’t worry I've got you! No matter what the situation will look like next year, I promise you to be adaptive and innovative to deliver exciting social events and ensure a smooth organisation of all activities. I would love for you to vote for me, so we can fulfill our shared passion!
Sohum Sen
Hello everyone!

My name is Sohum and I'm finishing my first year in Mathematical Computation. I'm running for vice president and would love it if you could all take a minute to read my manifesto.

Being vice president means being the president's right-hand man and assisting with the planning and administration of MedTech events.
This year, I have been helping with the MedTech website and our AI in medicine series, of which I have hosted a couple of talks! I have gained insight into the inner workings of the society by maintaining regular contact with those in the senior team as well as other teams.

If elected my aims would be to:
Run more events in collaborations with societies within UCL as well as MedTech focused societies in other universities in London to increase quality and outreach
Ensure that there are more masterclass series so that members can develop their skills in Medtech related areas

Doing what's in the interest of the society and its members is my mandate and that's all that matters. Promising commitment to the post and its responsibilities, I hope to be considered for the role of being Vice president.
Sara Chew
Being a neuroscience-focused Biomedical Sciences undergraduate, with a passion for the field of neurotechnology, I am keen to apply my knowledge and interest as Vice President of MedTech UCL. Having witnessed the thirst for scientific knowledge this year, from individuals of all backgrounds, I believe emphasis should be placed on sharing current health and technological research through events and talks. Tackling this with the MedTech committee is a unique and exciting challenge I would relish taking on.
I interned last summer organising and promoting an online conference spanning 3 days. I gained invaluable experience with and insight into the planning and administration of a large-scale event. Heading the conference hosting team helped refine my leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Finally, having been a university Student Academic Rep and the Student Voice Prefect in school, I have an excellent ability to acknowledge feedback from peers and provide pastoral support.
As Vice President of such a diverse and exciting society, I would aim to continue with the stream of well-organised events and talks from renowned speakers, further highlighting the role of technology in medicine, such as in brain-machine interfaces and neuroprosthetics, well-covered in recent media, and thus, of interest to many.
Hugo Ferreira
Imagine a world where personal robots can detect any abnormal symptoms in your body from the comfort of your home. I am a huge advocate for robotics being used in healthcare and I hope my enthusiasm will rub off on the members of the MedTech society.
Having spent the last year on committee as part of the senior team, I have formed bonds with members and picked up skills that have improved significantly. I have gained invaluable experiences from organising events, and this has enhanced my ability to work as part of a team. This year has given me a taste of what society life is like, and I have figured out how this organisation is run to optimise the gain of members.
Robotics in surgery is such a growing field in medicine, and I think a dedicated event or series of talks would be hugely beneficial. A panel event where different manufacturers could also be a great idea so members can hear more about the competition within this growing industry.
I played a key role in the organisation of the ‘AI in Medicine’ series. Planning, moderating and reaching out to world leading healthcare innovators was hugely satisfying - selling over 850 tickets is testament to current interest in this growing field. Reading the incredible feedback from attendees showed me what a large impact these talks had on students across the across the country. This will forever be one of my proudest achievements at UCL, and I hope that I can retain the high standards of this society as your VP.
Chenxuan Fu
The most significant factor inspiring me to apply for the Vice-President of MedTech UCL is my passion for collaborating with like-minded people to solve pervasive problems in Medicine using technology and encouraging more people to realize their potential in healthcare-related industries. Also, my qualities align with the role. As a strong team worker and good leader, I enjoy working in a team to deliver high-quality outcomes. I am willing to support either the president or other committee members with their duties and offer the best I can. Moreover, my previous experience of serving as a business associate made me competent with planning and arranging events. I believe that with the joint effort of the committee, we can enlarge the influence of Medtech UCL by organizing more impactful events.
Regarding my priority, I suppose it is to collaborate with committee members to organize networking events with alumni and experts who are pursuing a career in the healthcare/health-tech industry to share their insights on their career experience and their vision towards how the pandemic has identified blank spots in the medical industry and how the application of technology might bridge these gaps.
Liucija Vaicenaviciute
This year I have been a part of the MedTech Committee as First Year Representative. I have closely observed how society and its events are planned and delivered. Now, I can firmly say that MedTech Society is one of the best places to grow both professionally and personally. Throughout the year, I have seen many inspiring leadership examples in the committee, which motivated me to apply for the Vice President role.

During my time in MedTech society, I have been in the organising team of the ‘AI in Medicine’ series, which had nearly 900 attendees and turned out to be the largest student-held virtual conference in UCL history. Closely observing how events are managed by the executive team and contributing myself, I feel confident in taking Vice President responsibilities and assisting the President with their duties. As a proactive and devoted Life Sciences student, I strive to create a strong sense of the MedTech community.

I care about society members, science, and the MedTech industry. I can no longer imagine my UCL journey without being in MedTech. I want to enable as many students as possible from various academic backgrounds to take part in it. Hopefully, next year I can work closely to organise engaging, world-class events as your Vice President along with other committee members of this exceptionally talented community!
Fady Salama
Over the past few years I've come to love MedTech, which lead me to intercalate in Computer science in medicine; where I'm now convinced of the power of technology to revolutionise medicine. This is why I am impassioned to bring the skills I've learned to help the society continue with its impressive growth of recent times so that more people may be inspired the same way I was.

Due to many previous experiences in other committee positions, including assisting in the organisation of events for the whole of RUMS, as well as previous managerial experience, I have the skills required for both the assisting and leading roles and responsibilities required of a VP and I look forward to working with everyone across the committee to improve our society.

If given the position I would work tirelessly to increase the societies' standing at UCL. This can be done in two parts.

1) Increasing external awareness and intake.
By creating a promotional video to be widely spread at the start of term and collaborate with other societies for one off events to bring us into the eyes of those who may not have thought of us before.

2) Increase regular interaction with our current members to improve the feeling of connection with our members.
This can potentially be done by building on the MedTech Portal's success with bi-weekly YouTube/Spotify podcasts as well as regular practical workshops where members can look to build practical skills together, to increase our sense of community.