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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running3
Available positions2
Total ballots68
Valid votes68
Invalid votes0


Round Raian Jaibaji Maryam Imran RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 47.00 18.00 3.00 0.00 24.33 22.67
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 22.67. Candidate Raian Jaibaji has reached the threshold and is elected. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
2 22.67 41.25 3.93 0.15 18.58 22.59
Count after transferring surplus votes from Raian Jaibaji. Candidate Maryam Imran has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winners are Raian Jaibaji and Maryam Imran.

Number of vacancies: 2


Raian Jaibaji

This year I spent a lot of time trying to help first year medics with the course through being a transition mentor, organising anatomy tutorials through RUMS Isoc and being an anatomy ‘buddy’ for UCL surgical society. I hope to continue helping however this time on a much wider scale.

As well as the normal schemes such as the PACS tutorials and creating/organising the second year formatives I hope to ensure the incoming second years are helped and supported fully with the change from online to in person teaching. So I hope to maintain and further develop the Medical society's role in improving pre clinical education and the confidence of students as well as expand it.

With being the UCL Women in Surgery mentoring scheme coordinator (creating over 250 matches), campaign lead for Students for Global Health and publicity for the UCL Arab+ Na society this year I've developed the organisational skills needed for this role.

Thank you
Maryam Imran
The MedSoc tutorials are amazing and it is great to be able to approach concepts from a different perspective and ask older years for their much-needed wisdom!
As an education officer, I would make sure these tutorials are advertised much more actively such as through WhatsApp. I think it would also be super useful to have tutorials at the end of a module covering specific topics that people found more difficult. This would be in a more interactive Q&A format instead of conventional slides and society members could submit topics via a poll. I think this would be both fun and effective at clearing up common misconceptions. I would also encourage increased use of case studies as this is very engaging. Hopefully, these tutorials will move to be in-person when possible but if they were to continue being online, I think we should explore using different platforms to make the experience more interactive and smoother. It is worth sending out a poll to members about which dates/times work best to see if there are any common themes about what is less/more good.
Ultimately, it is about delivering a well-organised and helpful experience for all members. I will always be willing to listen to suggestions for improvements or any events that you think we should run. Hopefully, we can make this an even more amazing experience for everyone.