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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running2
Available position1
Total ballots7
Valid votes7
Invalid votes0


Round Kyann Hadife RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 7.00 0.00 3.50 3.50
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 3.50. Candidate Kyann Hadife has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Kyann Hadife.

Number of vacancies: 1


Kyann Hadife
A year ago, I joined the Lebanese Society driven by curiosity. A year later, I am applying for president, driven by passion, love and patriotism. Throughout this academic year, the Lebanese society was a home away from home, a second family, and a group of friends enjoying time together. (cliche, I know). I have learned about my country, my people and I got the chance to pass on this knowledge (Yes, I know, maybe the quiz nights were a bit excessive. We will work on it!). However, this society has also challenged these cliches this year, showcasing the Lebanese mentality. The events that we have organised during the pandemic are a testament to the resiliency of our people. As a president, I pledge to keep on challenging expectations and continue raising awareness. Perhaps you think I sound too enthusiastic or engaged. Maybe I am... but it is a virus that I proudly caught as an events officer last year and that I would proudly pass on next year. This engagement of course should not come at the expense of fun. I am devoted to maintain the wild and crazy spirit of our people and share it with the world.