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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running4
Available position1
Total ballots89
Valid votes89
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Round Koel Jelfs Jo-Tzu Lu Jeevan Sembi RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 11.00 52.00 23.00 3.00 0.00 7.50 44.50
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 44.50. Candidate Jo-Tzu Lu has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Jo-Tzu Lu.

Number of vacancies: 1


Jeevan Sembi
I’m Jeevan, and I am running for VP of Marketing, as I believe through a broader and more meticulous approach to marketing, UCLIS has unbounded potential to become UCL’s leading finance society.
I have gained thorough experience in marketing. For the past 3 years I have been undertaking freelance work, while also running a Fashion Label, producing high-quality marketing material from scratch and simultaneously managing websites and numerous social media pages.

I have a strong vision as the VP of Marketing to deepen the UCLIS footprint in London. To make this a reality, I will focus on widening the scope of our social media pages, incorporating the UCLIS Market Insight articles into bitesize daily posts. I will also make our social media more interactive with our audience, introducing regular polls, quizzes and competitions. In addition to this, I plan to revamp the UCLIS Twitter page, posting news snippets and information regarding our events, while also introducing the UCLIS YouTube Channel to showcase our talks and chats within the society, providing value to our new and existing members.
I look forward to following through with these proposals and more as your UCLIS Marketing VP, helping to transform UCLIS into UCL’s leading finance society.
Jo-Tzu Lu
Hi! I'm Rose; after serving as a marketing executive for a year, I am running for VP to build upon UCLIS’ prestige and further promote our programmes in the coming year.

Working with the senior committee and fellow executives this year, I have developed an understanding of cross-divisional work and the organization of UCLIS' flagship events (e.g. Finance Conference). Specifically, with all things virtual, I have aided UCLIS to build a professional image online, attracting followers across 4 social media channels through the establishment of Linktree, informative Insta stories, all visuals and event campaigns. The experience gives me first-hand insights to propose the following for 21/22:

1. Content marketing: continue with the Markets Insights blog, but further expand it by curating weekly/bi-weekly Instagram posts for students to grasp headlines easily
2. Student-first: create a survey/question-box for students to inquire and suggest events, which would help better target their needs
3. UCL Finance Conference: introduce our speakers and the conference through interactive campaigns (video, Q&A post, etc.) and have a post-conference marketing plan including brief speech summary posts; work across divisions to improve marketing plans for sponsors

In addition to my UCLIS work, I currently manage @p.e.800, an Instagram-based media with over 20k followers, as well. I believe my skills and experience developed would make me a great fit for the role!

Koel Jelfs
My Name is Koel and I have some great, refreshing new ideas for marketing in UCLIS! As a current member I have identified that a weekly newsletter and round up of commercial awareness for all to read would not only be beneficial for current members but great for prospective members also! I would also like to increase the presence on social media platforms such as facebook on Instagram considering our website and portal is already a great access tool. Alongside this, I would love to include summaries from each division of UCLIS so that our members are able to feel more in touch with each division and regardless of the fact that a lot of events are online, we have a greater ‘community’ feel. I myself have experience of marketing and increasing engagement rates of businesses online and therefore feel my skills would be a great fit for UCLIS! I hope you are all staying well and safe! Koel- Prospective VP of Marketing.