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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running8
Available positions2
Total ballots64
Valid votes64
Invalid votes0


Round Neil Mehta Sanjay Rajput Sarvesh Rajdev Karan Patel Vignesh Venkataramaiah Monica Raviraj Ragul Gajendran RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 13.00 14.00 14.00 4.00 2.00 12.00 5.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 21.34
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 21.34. No candidates have surplus votes so candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
2 15.00 16.00 16.00 13.00 4.00 0.00 20.00
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 1 of eliminating Karan Patel, Vignesh Venkataramaiah, Ragul Gajendran, and RON (Re-Open Nominations). Transferred votes with value 1.00. Since no candidate has been elected, the quota is reduced to 20.00. No candidates have surplus votes so candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
3 16.00 22.00 17.00 9.00 3.66 18.33
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 1 of eliminating Monica Raviraj. Transferred votes with value 1.00. Since no candidate has been elected, the quota is reduced to 18.34. Candidate Sanjay Rajput has reached the threshold and is elected. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
4 18.19 18.34 18.46 9.01 0.12 18.33
Count after transferring surplus votes from Sanjay Rajput. Candidate Sarvesh Rajdev has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winners are Sanjay Rajput and Sarvesh Rajdev.

Number of vacancies: 2


Karan Patel
Being able to reach as many students as possible and help grow what is already one of the most popular societies at UCL would be an extremely fulfilling responsibility for me. Having been stuck at home for the last year, my priority is to make next years’ events as successful as they have ever been before and make up for the horrendous first year that we have had. The key ingredient to success, in my opinion, for events such as Jashn is definitely the people attending them, and this means that innovative sales strategies to raise awareness about the things being organised by the society are paramount. Making our members feel included and part of one large desi family is something that I look to really hammer home this year in my promotions. As an economics student, I have some understanding of effective sales strategies, and tied with past experience as a House Captain organising and advertising school events, I believe I would be a perfect fit for the role.
Ragul Gajendran
Hey! I’m Ragul, I’m a first year Econ student and I’m running to be Sales Officer. Sales is an extremely significant part of the successful running of society events and a role which needs a reliable person with experience in connecting with a range of people and acting as a liaison between committee and the society members. I myself have experience at being entrepreneurial and innovative, leading the ticket sales of a sixth form event in north west London called HighLifeEvents, raising over £3000 and selling up to 300 tickets. I know everyone’s hungry for social interaction being locked up in their homes and accommodations. However I expect to change that for you guys next year, increasing the capacity of events by connecting with new students and increasing the outreach of events, so all of us finally have the chance to party harder and get more involved! Being a current first year rep gave me a great insight into Indian soc and how fun it is working as a close-knit, family-like committee to raise money and enjoy events. I would hate to sit here listing off all the experience I have, like how I was a finalist in the BASE(finance competition), or how as an Econ student I have the necessary skills to work with money, promote efficiently and maximise ticket sales because I know that’s not what you guys want to hear. Instead I promise you that next year you will experience events like you have never been to before, and you will never regret a night out! VOTE RAGUL!
Neil Mehta
I am extremely keen to become Indian Society’s Sales Director, and I believe I have the drive and innovation to ensure the biggest turnouts at London’s biggest Bollywood events, further improving the society’s renowned reputation. Generating innovative ideas to sell tickets will be my primary goal, and I have vast experience in this area having been a student ambassador at sixth form. From organising charity days and bake sales to advising management on college-wide events, my creativity and enterprise led to raising around £500 on every charity event.

For those who have met me, I’m quite the salesman, motivated and resilient to spread the word to everyone, from first-years to postgrads, and encourage purchases. With me in charge of sales, tickets will be sold out in record times, and the events will be the talk of the university weeks in advance.

I believe I am a good fit for this role because I understand the importance of Indian celebrations for university students, especially after a whole year of lockdown restrictions. You won’t be wasting a vote on me for next year, as one of my strongest priorities will be to make ‘Dhamaal’ and other massive events nights to never forget.
Sanjay Rajput
Hi! My name is Sanjay and I am a first year Medic. As a Sales Director, I would make it my personal mission to ensure every Indian Society event is a sell out. I believe a good Sales Director must have a large outreach, be an influential and well-liked member of the society, be social media savvy, and have an eye for marketing. Not only do I have these traits in abundance, I also have a track record for selling. In secondary school I sold out our 200 person Leavers Ball, sold over 150 yearbooks and over 300 leavers hoodies (all to a year group of roughly 160 people). I am a bubbly and outgoing character; since joining UCL in September, I have already developed a network (albeit virtual) of hundreds of students and I plan to grow it as the year goes on and when we are allowed to meet more people. This outreach will allow me to ensure a multitude of students come to our events, both from Indian backgrounds and other cultures meaning we can share the beauty and culture of India with the global set of students here at UCL. If I am elected to be Sales Director, the only problem we will have is trying to find bigger venues!
Monica Raviraj
Hey I’m Monica - 1st year Medical student :)
Though my experience with Indian Soc this year has been limited to mostly virtual, I have still been trying to get involved where I can; whether that be the among us social or the medics academic tutorials. I have thoroughly enjoyed Indian Society this year, and would love to get more involved in the coming year. I would like to apply for Sales Officer because I feel like I have the correct skillset for the job; I was a Senior Prefect at school where I developed skills such as effective communication and innovative ways to implement change. Moreover, I have experience in event organising as I organised three different successful charity sports events at school which involved advertising, collecting money and ensuring smooth run of event. As Sales Officer, I will transfer these skills, and work with the rest of the committee to fulfil my role to the best of my ability.
Vignesh Venkataramaiah
I think we can all agree that this year has left us waiting eagerly for clubs and social events to open up, and for the long awaited return for lit motives and crazy seshes, and as Sales Officer for Indian Soc I will do whatever it takes to make socials sell out and be as good as they've ever been!

I'm no stranger to organising and promoting motives, and due to me being a bubbly, social person (and bait on insta icl) I can definitely get the Dhamaal club nights and various Indian Soc balls to be smash hits for the people and improve outreach within the uni. Inter society events will also mean that we all meet lots of new people and maybe even make friends for life! Vote Vig for lit nights and good vibes for the coming year!
Sarvesh Rajdev
Being an active member of Indian Society during my first year so far has been one of the highlights of my time here as I have been able to meet new people over zoom socials and football matches despite lockdown.
I believe that I possess all key qualities required by a proficient, efficient and effective Sales Rep (my initials also happen to be SR, you could say I was born for the role). These attributes include confidence, communication skills and community outreach, all of which I possess in ample amounts. Furthermore, I have bucket loads of sales experience. For example, when I was only 11 years old I took charge of selling tickets to my school's Leavers’ Ball. I built upon this foundation as six years later, I led the sales team and raised a huge amount of capital at my school’s bonfire event.
If selected as Sales Officer next year, I plan to take Indian Society events to the next level, expanding into different sectors including other universities. My teamwork skills allow me to work well with anyone and as a Computer Scientist, I believe I would be able to come up with efficient sales strategies extremely quickly. With these goals and skills, I believe that I would be a great Indian Society committee member next year.