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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running6
Available position1
Total ballots34
Valid votes34
Invalid votes0


Round Simona Stopková Bethany Hayes Xin Li Christina Ziegler Sitanun Sae-Seung RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 6.00 19.00 2.00 4.00 3.00 0.00 2.00 17.00
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 17.00. Candidate Bethany Hayes has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Bethany Hayes.

Number of vacancies: 1


Bethany Hayes
I’m Beth ✨ I’m a third-year medic and this year I’ve been the President of GenFem. I really care about the society and our members, and I would love to continue to work within the society as Welfare Officer. In this role, I would ensure the society is, and remains an inclusive and welcoming environment and I would make sure the wellbeing of our members is a priority.

Making GenFem an open, friendly place where everyone can feel welcome and supported has been a priority for me this year, and would continue to be something I would prioritise next year. I would work closely with the other reps to make sure everyone feels the society can be their safe space.

I think we underestimate how hard it can be to connect with people at uni and the impact this can have on our wellbeing. It was something I was aware of this year more than ever. This is why, for example, I organised the buddy system at the beginning of the year to help everyone settle in. This is something I’d redo next year too.

I think I am an approachable and friendly point of call for members of the society. I’m also a medical student, so I feel comfortable helping people access support and having more serious, supportive conversations. As Welfare Officer, I would want to focus on mental health within the society, making sure that everyone knows where they can get help and feels they have someone to confide in.

I’ve been a part of GenFem since my first year, and I really love the society.

Beth x
Simona Stopková
Hi everyone, my name is Simona, I'm 22 and I'm a first-year Psychology student. I'm originally from Slovakia, a small country in Central Europe but this is my second year living in the UK, having spent last year living in the lovely Brighton. Apart from being a full-time student, I also work part-time for a start-up and do some volunteer work. Though I've been a passionate feminist for a long time now, I haven't been involved in anything similar to GenFem since there aren't that many organised groups dedicated to speaking out against sexism in my country, which is why this society is very special to me. I feel like I would be a good fit for the role of Welfare Officer because of my background in Psychology and my own experience with mental health. My mission would be to make sure everyone feels safe, comfortable and respected. I would also like to collect feedback from our members so that we can continually improve the society's activities and events and to make sure that we are creating a great experience for everyone. I'm confident that my background in volunteering for student initiatives, organising all sorts of events (from protests to poetry slams) and collecting and responding to feedback makes me fully equipped for the role of Welfare Officer.
Christina Ziegler
Hey everyone! I’m Christina and I’m a first year PPE student.
I want to be honest with you: I am tired of the patriarchy. I am tired of how it undermines my voice and how most people aren’t even aware of it. And sometimes, I am exhausted of the fight against it. But that is okay. It’s okay because there are spaces like the genfem society where I can rest and re-energize with people who know my struggles and share my fury and my pain.
This is why I want to be welfare officer: I want to ensure that everyone can draw strength from this community because it’s a place where we motivate and inspire and where we can speak our truths without judgement or denial. I think the job of the welfare officer is the most important one because without an inclusive environment all the work that is yet to be done can easily overwhelm us. But if we can count on the genfem community to help us with our struggles and problems, there is nothing that can keep us from smashing the patriarchy!
Last year I was project lead for a ca. 400person conference and a major part of my job was to create an inclusive and motivating environment. It showed me constantly how important it is to always be there to listen and sometimes reach out to make sure everyone is thriving.
As welfare officer my first priority would be to always give room for honest conversation and to ensure that the events are wideranging to make all people in our society feel included! I would love to work with you all! Thank you:)
Sitanun Sae-Seung
Hello! My name is Winnie, and next year I will be going into my second year of Chemistry. I am applying for the welfare officer because, first, I am very passionate about feminism, as I'm sure you all are. I want to continue to help foster an open and accepting environment to facilitate healthy, productive discussions. And also to create a space where we can unite for good causes such as our charity partner. I would love for the opportunity to help the leadership team continue to bring you interesting events, as well as to spread awareness for important issues. I have previous experience in working on the committee for societies, including one focused on raising awareness for HIV-AIDS, and believe that I am fit for this position. I hope I can continue to make sure GenFem is a safe and inclusive space for all our members. Thank you for reading, and I hope you will consider voting for me!
Xin Li
Hi all,

I hope you are well.
I'm Xin, but you can call me Anna if you wish. I'm a first year Arts and Sciences student, and I'm running for the Welfare Officer.
This has been an unusual year, and I guess everyone is looking forward to meeting in person. I believe everything will be much better in the next academic year. And I hope to assist to run the society as the Welfare Officer to give you the best experience and engage more people! As the Welfare Officer, I will:
a. build up a welcoming and safe environment in the society
b. create a WhatsApp group chat and Facebook group where members can communicate openly and support each other
c. pay attention to members' participation and reach out to them regularly
d. introduce mental health resources when needed
e. Help to build up a welcoming and safe environment for EVERYBODY in the UCL

I am a strong advocate for equality and feminism, and I hope to contribute to this cause and this society! I also look forward to meeting all of you in the near future.
Vote for me, pls!