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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running5
Available position1
Total ballots144
Valid votes139
Invalid votes5


Round Zahi Zafar Koel Jelfs Nico Ciraolo Aditya Baddela RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 20.00 43.00 37.00 36.00 3.00 0.00 0.00 69.50
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 69.50. No candidates have surplus votes so candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
2 48.00 38.00 41.00 12.00 0.00 63.50
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 1 of eliminating Zahi Zafar and RON (Re-Open Nominations). Transferred votes with value 1.00. Since no candidate has been elected, the quota is reduced to 63.50. No candidates have surplus votes so candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
3 57.00 50.00 32.00 3.50 53.50
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after substage 1 of 1 of eliminating Nico Ciraolo. Transferred votes with value 1.00. Since no candidate has been elected, the quota is reduced to 53.50. Candidate Koel Jelfs has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Koel Jelfs.

Number of vacancies: 1


Igor Chmielinski
What makes me a good addition to EFS is my balance between being a leader and a team player. I appreciated it especially through the organization of the UCL Leaders conference as Finance Officer, where I lead the finance team, and through cooperation with colleagues, we managed to recruit speakers such as Rafał Brzoska (CEO of InPost).

Another qualities that I find useful are patience and persistence. I strongly believe and notice that it is worth thinking long-term and consistently implementing the intended plan, even when their fruits of our work are not visible today.

In my previous roles such as USG for Finance at Tricity Model United Nations I proved to be able to take initiative which I hope to do at EFS as well. Being proactive is very important for me, I definitely wouldn’t call myself a bystander.

Here at EFS I am hoping to take this society to another level. By that I mean: creating new relationships with industry related firms and other societies as well maintaining current relationships through collaborative work. Creating new series of podcasts or workshops with partners seems like a solid thing as well. In my opinion this would enable to give EFS a fresh new look as well as enhance the way in which it is operating right now.
Koel Jelfs
As a current First Year Rep of EFS Ive been able to interact with a lot of current members and I hope to talk with more of you! My main focuses for the business division this year is to increase the number of ‘bootcamp’ events to help your professional development and also interview, cover letter writing, networking 101 and CV workshops as this is critical to any industry. There is an increasing number of people interested in startups and so I’m keen to continue these events. Hopefully we will be able to start in-person events for the coming year and with this, I am keen to promote UCL exclusive networking events. I would also like to work more closely with the mentoring division to increase the opportunities for our members and open more doors than is currently available as currently we successfully work with members for IBD and consulting placements or internships. As a final note, I’d like to create more outreach events so that EFS becomes a more inclusive environment for many of those wanting to enter the business sphere but have been blocked off by social barriers. As I myself have come from a disadvantaged background I acknowledge how important this is and would like to include more female, LGBT and BAME speakers as everyone will be able to take something beneficial from their experiences. I thank you for reading this much into my proposition and hope you are confident in your voting! Stay safe- Koel, Prospective EFS Business VP
Aditya Baddela
My main goals, if elected for this position, are to achieve dynamism, further the amicable culture and uphold excellent standards.

Reaching out to students within and out of EFS has depicted the society to me as lacking focus within key-areas; consulting, PE and VC. Given I have participated within the AMEX virtual hackathon and COVID Business challenge through the society, I know this is far from the truth. If elected, I shall challenge this notion by forming a platform where students will be able to further explore these career paths. Specifically, through making the previously mentioned events annual, improved exposure through effective advertising and a completing rebranding of this division.

Additionally, the society has been described as ‘intimidating’ in light of it being virtual in the past year. Through links with business society and bringing events face-to-face I will contest this.

Having gained crucial experience at consulting firm, Capgemini, it has given allowed me to understand the field at a practical degree which I can apply this to the current role. Matched with my start-up experience which will authorise me to run the division efficiently, as well as, advice students and the team on a non-theoretical level.
Zahi Zafar
I believe that my previous employment experiences put me in good stead to succeed in the position of Vice-President of Business. Working as a sales assistant and a pharmacy assistant has allowed me to develop the unique ability to interact confidently with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. Therefore, I am confident that I can help build on the wide range of speakers already associated with the Economics and Finance Society.
I am particularly eager to help the society engage with a more diverse range of industries. Whilst many turn to the society for guidance in the financial services sector, I believe it is important to make members aware of other industries and avenues that can be pursued. I would make an effort to reach out to leading representatives of various alternate sectors, ranging from technology to real estate to entertainment. Furthermore, in order to encourage the innovative nature of some students, I think it would be exciting to have a start-up competition, wherein students can present a start-up idea to a panel of investors (the likes of Creator Fund, RLC Venture Fund, etc).
Nico Ciraolo
Hi, I’m Nico and I’d like to be your next VP of Business.

As an Economics & Business student, I’m passionate about both finance and entrepreneurship, and I’d love to contribute to EFS by connecting industrious students to leading professionals and creating opportunities for students to cultivate their start-up ideas.

As VP of Business, I’d aim to:
1. Diversify the range of topics covered in EFS panels to include prominent speakers from increasingly relevant and exciting industries like crypto or EdTech whilst also increasing the number of events with panelists from VC and start-up backgrounds.
2. Grow the relationship with UCL I&E (start-up accelerator) to establish London Student Bootcamp as a hallmark EFS event. My first step to achieve this will be to widen the mentorship base to increase the number of teams with access to professional expertise.
3. Collaborate with EFS Tech and CR divisions to develop a platform connecting entrepreneurial students to start-ups seeking young talent.

Having planned corporate marketing events as well as founding my school’s Entrepreneurship Society, I have experience serving in roles requiring leadership skills, high levels of personal organisation and the ability to manage heavy workloads. I believe that my creativity and ability to collaborate with a team, fuelled by my passion for entrepreneurship and determination to continuously improve the society, will enable me to be a successful VP of Business.

Please vote for me!