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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running3
Available positions2
Total ballots29
Valid votes29
Invalid votes0


Round Wing Leung Shiyuan Ji RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 18.00 11.00 0.00 9.66 9.67
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 9.67. Candidates Wing Leung and Shiyuan Ji have reached the threshold and are elected.

Winners are Wing Leung and Shiyuan Ji.

Number of vacancies: 2


Shiyuan Ji
- Do not mind me if there are already enough people nominating themselves -

Hi, my name is Shiyuan Ji but most of you have known me by the name Leauren. I am currently the schools' officer at the debating society. I am currently in my 3rd year with the possibility of coming back next year for my Master's degree.

The reason I want to get re-elected is because of the recently cancelled UCL Juniors. After UCL Juniors have cancelled, a lot of teachers have been in contact to ask me whether we can move it to Summer because they enjoyed UCL Schools this year very much. I want to be re-elected at least until summer so I can plan with other elected schools officer about the competition as it is long been a dream of mine to do that.

But meanwhile, if I do come back for next year, I am still interested in being a schools' officer as I enjoyed a lot on my role this year. I think it would be beneficial to have someone experienced on board to guide the new people within the committee.
Wing Leung
With two years of debate experience and a Doxbridge (ESL) Open Break under my belt, I am in good standing to be running for this position. In my last institution– the Chinese University of Hong Kong– I served as their Tournament Officer and was elected to be the Team’s Co-Captain. My responsibilities for their recruitment, training, and administrative communication further prove me responsible and extra-sensitive to the Society’s needs.
If elected, my first priority is to ensure a smooth and high-quality Schools Cup. My prior involvement as OrgComm for Hong Kong Pro-Ams 2020 has given me insight into organising a tournament. I further aim to have a strong pool of CAs and IAs. Having been active in the Hong Kong/Chinese debate circuit, I am hopeful to have their top debaters as adjudicators to bring in fresh and representative perspectives to tournaments. I also want to increase participation by waiving fees for state schools. If tournaments are still to be run online next year, higher competitiveness can be added by inviting more schools from abroad.
My subsequent priority is to help the rest of the Committee in developing the future of the Society. The initiatives stated above not only can better the tournament’s stature amongst UK schools, but it can also increase UCL’s visibility to young international debaters. If possible, I also wish to organise UCL Juniors– a competition for under-16s– which can deepen the society’s long-standing goal of nurturing young debaters.