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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running4
Available positions2
Total ballots42
Valid votes42
Invalid votes0


Round Chinmay Monga Shahyr Shezad Vignesh Venkataramaiah RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 22.00 12.00 8.00 0.00 0.00 8.00 14.00
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 14.00. Candidate Chinmay Monga has reached the threshold and is elected. Candidates have surplus votes, but since candidates can be safely eliminated, the transfer of surplus votes will be delayed and candidates will be eliminated and their votes transferred for the next round.
2 22.00 12.00 8.00 0.00 8.00 14.00
All losing candidates are eliminated. Count after eliminating RON (Re-Open Nominations). No votes are transferred since all eliminated candidates have zero votes. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
3 14.00 17.04 10.94 0.02 3.04 13.99
Count after transferring surplus votes from Chinmay Monga. Candidate Shahyr Shezad has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winners are Chinmay Monga and Shahyr Shezad.

Number of vacancies: 2


Vignesh Venkataramaiah
Ladies and gents, it goes without saying that this year has been disappointing for social life, and I think as social sec I can take events with RUMS CC to the heights of yesteryear! The legendary sports nights shall hopefully make a return, and as a non-medic I have an advantage in being able to help us get more wannabe RUMS cricketers and sesh heads involved, regardless of what they study, making events as fun and inclusive as possible. We can also continue our dominance over UCL Cricket, nabbing some of their potential talents, just like Eoin Morgan's cheeky switch from repping Ireland ;)

I'm good with organising events and motives, and as a fresher during Covid this year I've realised the importance of trying to create a tight knit community, where all members of RUMS feel involved and happy to be part of one big family. I hope we can make up for these tough times and truly enjoy the social aspect of sport - which is why we are here. If you want a wild year ahead, vote Vig!
Shahyr Shezad
I am standing for social secretary so that I can help give back to the CC and integrate myself better into this club. As part of my role I want to carry on the work done by our previous social secretaries and help make the freshers gain a sense of belonging to the club. As this year has been quite unusual one of my priorities would be to make sure the second years also gain the chance to better integrate within the club . I believe my time as a first year events representative has honed my organizational skills and will aid me in planning the social tour, aside from playing good cricket this tour is crucial in my aim of bringing the freshers and second years closer to the the RUMSCC members.
Chinmay Monga