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Date count run19 Mar 2021
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running4
Available positions2
Total ballots31
Valid votes31
Invalid votes0


Round Michael Chan Samuel Brian Zsófia Varga RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 6.00 13.00 12.00 0.00 4.32 10.34
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 10.34. Candidates Samuel Brian and Zsófia Varga have reached the threshold and are elected.

Winners are Samuel Brian and Zsófia Varga.

Number of vacancies: 2


Michael Chan
Hi! I’m Michael, a first year Chemistry student. Having been a mentee, I experienced first-hand the benefits of the Research Mentorship Programme from the skills I gained, to the interactions I had with mentors and fellow mentees. Mentors also benefit from having extra hands to help on projects and the opportunity to discuss their work with others. By getting more involved as a committee member, I will ensure that next year’s mentees and mentors have the same invaluable experience as I did.

My skills and experience:
• Teamwork, planning and perseverance – my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition involved working with others, planning in advance in terms of route and meals, and coping with unexpected setbacks
• Organisation – organised events for the children’s section of my local library whilst volunteering there
• Liaising with academic staff and postgrads – worked with them to design Chemistry learning resources in a winter internship I undertook
• Passionate about research – nanotechnology work experience inspired me to pursue a career in research

If elected, I would:
• ensure the smooth-running of the programme – interviewing mentors, determining the skills they are looking for and encouraging undergrads to apply
• recruit more mentors and increase the scope of research areas
• actively respond to feedback from mentees and mentors to improve the programme

Thank you for your time! Feel free to direct any questions to me at [email protected]
Zsófia Varga
Being a part of the Connect.Ed society (as a mentee in the RMP and an author of the Connect.ed Blog) has been the absolute highlight of my year. I am running for the position of Research Mentorship Programme Officer to get even more involved. Since for most people, the RMP is the gateway to being an active member of this society, as RMP Officer I'll ensure that everything will run smoothly in the upcoming academic year and that students can make even more out of this special opportunity.

I have a clear vision of how to achieve this. I want to make the RMP application process smoother and the deadlines clearer. I want to build more connections between the Connect.Ed Blog (in which I am a writer since its launch) and the RMP programme. I also plan to reach out to more departments to let more possible mentors and mentees know about us. I think that having an even wider range of academic disciplines in the RMP can serve as the next best step for expanding our society, and also a great way to get to know new and interesting perspectives ourselves. And, of course, I want to be the first point of contact to help you with any RMP-related problems that might arise.

To do these, I hope to be part of a dedicated and passionate committee - be it the RMP, the various talks or just simple social events, I am eager to join our forces to make the Connect.Ed team bigger and better. It would be an honour to have a chance to contribute to this community as a committee member.
Samuel Brian
My goal is to help undergraduates like myself participate in research at UCL and gain experience during their undergraduate years. Being the Events Officer for Connect.ed (2020/2021) has taught me the values and goals of this society. I look forward to potentially working with current and new committee members to create a fulfilling environment for our members. As RMP officer I would promote an interdisciplinary approach to the research projects. Allowing students to take part in research which previously they would not be exposed to during their degree. As a student who has been enrolled on two different interdisciplinary degrees: Natural Sciences (2019-2020), Mathematics and Physics (2020-present). I understand the importance of joining different skill sets into the same project, allowing for a more dynamic environment. My goal is also to promote the RMP within the physical sciences community, providing a more rounded availability of research areas in the RMP projects. I hope to engage with the committee to help create an academic and social environment for our members to benefit from.