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Part Time Officer
Voting is closed You would need to self-define as LGBQ+ to vote.
Date count run20 Mar 2020
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running4
Available position1
Total ballots299
Valid votes299
Invalid votes0


Round Xinyi Tao Yoojin Lee Jemima Barnes RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Threshold
1 38.00 92.00 160.00 9.00 0.00 10.50 149.50
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 149.50. Candidate Jemima Barnes has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Jemima Barnes.

Number of vacancies: 1


Yoojin Lee
As queer people, we get to choose our family. By diversifying socials (boat ball, picnics, RPDR screenings, theatre outings), strengthening mental health services in the SU & our network to tackle LGBQ-specific issues, and pushing for structural change with de-stigmatization through education & background checks for UCL elected officials — I will ensure our family is safe, strong and loved.

SOCIALS → I will keep socials like clubbing, screenings and category specific socials. I would also diversify our socials to reflect the large diversity in our network and to ensure making friends is easier, such as by having a queer boat ball, theatre outings, picnics, escape rooms.

MENTAL HEALTH → Coming out, living with HIV/AIDs, harassment… These are just a few of what impacts LGBQ people’s mental health. By enforcing LGBQ specific guidelines/training for those in the SU Advice Centre and working closely with the Social Secretary, I will ensure that our community is well supported.

STRUCTURAL CHANGE → 1: I’d work to destigmatize LGBQ labels by promoting LGBQ success stories during LGBT month & increasing educational output about overlooked groups within the community. 2: I would work with the BME & Women’s Officer to push for morality & equality background checks to be conducted for UCL elected officials, as currently, there’s none. 3: To ensure a great legacy, I’d put in place a training week so the next generation of leaders in the network can learn from the current leaders
Xinyi Tao
Hi! I’m Xinyi and I’m bisexual. I’m an undergraduate psychology student.

I strongly believe that no one should be treated differently because of their sexuality. I want to make LGBQ+ be a common thing for everyone instead of being special. As far as I experienced in UCL, the circumstance for LGBQ+ is amazing. Our people here don’t mind showing their characteristics or shouting out their sexuality. I want to make continuation of the inclusive and supportive environment and make it better. I have met the people who identified themselves as LGBQ+ just because they wanted to be special, and I also have met some people who regarded LGBQ+ as a bad thing. I do believe that both two ways treats LGBQ+ culture wrongly. These situations are rare in UCL, but still stronger my willingness to disseminate the information about LGBQ+ culture.

I aim to:

-Provide more workshop about LGBQ+ culture in other to let students be more familiar to LGBQ+

-Provide more events and socials in other to let students have more opportunity to meet your people

-Provide safe and supportive environment for all LGBQ+ students in UCL

-Provide opportunities to combine students’ LGBQ+ social with events outside of Uni (i.e. Pride in London)

-Be the companion for all of you. I’ll always be here to hear from you whenever you need help.

Thanks for reading my manifesto. I really appreciate your vote and support!
Jemima Barnes
As the current Bi/Pan+ representative I have already had a flavour of running a section of the LGBTQ+ network and I have experienced first-hand what having a supportive group of people who 'get it' does for my self-esteem and mental health. I'd like to continue and expand the work that has already been done by the network so everyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ at UCL has a safe space to be themselves without judgement. My priorities for the network are split into actions and events.
ACTIONS: to map the gender-neutral toilets on campus and in buildings that UCL frequently uses (e.g. Birkbeck) and make this map widely available to all students. I would also like to engage TeamUCL and make Stonewall's "Pride in Sport" month a fundraising opportunity, as well as raising awareness for both the discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ sportspeople and the wonders that sport does for feeling a sense of community when that may be lacking elsewhere.
EVENTS: host more frequent low-key events such as weekend brunches (for those who can't make events during the week), coffee meetups both on campus and off, games and movie nights. I would also engage with the wider LGBTQ+ community in London, representing UCL at Student Pride and Night Pride events that happen during the academic year.
Working with the Trans Officer, I hope I can represent the broad range of LGBTQ+ people at UCL and create the necessary space for LGBTQ+ students to feel a sense of community and representation.