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Yasmeen Daoud
Why are you standing?: 

I'm Yasmeen, a final year Psychology student, and I'm running to be your next Welfare & International Officer.

If elected, I will focus on 3 core aspects: safe spaces, research, and support of international students.

1. Safe Spaces for All

-Tackle recent racism and racial abuse against international students to ensure they are safe and protected at UCL.

-Work with the Activities Officer to see that welfare events/initiatives are being introduced into clubs and societies.

-Eradicate drinking culture as the norm and introduce non-drinking Freshers events to ensure all students feel safe and welcome.

2. Research

-As a (soon to be) Psychology graduate, I'll work with UCL Researchers to determine systemic changes that need to be made to improve students' mental health.

-Use recent research to update approaches used by Student Support and Wellbeing.

3. Fight for International Students

-Lobby for a separate International Students Sabbatical officer who can focus solely on representing and fulfilling the rights of international students.

-Work with the Education Officer to introduce more academic support for International Students across all faculties to ensure they are not at an academic disadvantage.

Why me?

I'm a very passionate and driven person who works relentlessly to make sure that things get done. I've been President of my society this year and have developed all the key competencies of a successful leader.

I'm also a very fun person to be around.