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Jim Onyemenam
Why are you standing?: 

Hi! I’m Jim and I’m your current Postgraduate Students’ Officer! I aim to continue a lot of the work I have done over the past year, which includes:

PGTA Code of Practice: Closed out the project that had stalled for over three years, which codified and secured all the rights that should be enjoyed by our PGTAs (including a base Grade 5 pay of £13.12 p/hour), as well as detailing promotion criteria, review protocols, and appropriate responsibilities.

PhD stipends: Successfully lobbied for a commitment from UCL to make PhD stipends monthly as opposed to termly - by May 2020.

Postgraduate Welcome Fair: Drove a 41% increase in postgraduate engagement in clubs and societies this year through an expansion of our Welcome Fair.

Childcare @ UCL: Organised a formal review of the childcare provisions at UCL and also organised the provision of child-friendly study spaces - opening April 2020.

Transcripts: Working with UCL to investigate how best to reformat our non-HEAR (e.g. postgrad) transcripts to enhance employability.

Hawkridge House: Secured extenuating circumstances for students affected by the Hawkridge move-out so that any impact on their academic performance would be mitigated.

… and more (including careers’ advice, siesta spaces, Digital Media upskilling, degree certificates redesign, provisions for satellite campuses, personal tutoring, etc.) However, these projects all require long term implementation - so secure success by voting Jim.