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Carol Paige
Why are you standing?: 

If re-elected I will:

Save Students’ Money

-Bring back the £2 coffee and cake deal

-Meal deals in the cafes

-Increase range of food sold

Take Sustainability Seriously

-Open a zero-waste shop at the SU

-Get more microwaves and hot water taps around UCL

Develop the Students’ Union

-Lobby UCL for more SU funding

-Develop existing SU spaces

-Better represent student interests

Give this Paige another turn!

You can check out everything that I have achieved on this year on the Students’ Union website.

On top of everything listed above, I will also continue to improve student engagement with the Students’ Union, further my efforts to make the SU the best place to work for students and continue to lobby UCL for more prayer space across campus.

I’m re-running because I want to utilise the skills and knowledge that I’ve built up this year to improve the UCL student experience in significant ways. When you first start out as a Sabb, you spend the first 5/6 months learning everything, meaning that you’re only effective for half a year. I have spent the last year building networks, forming relationships and truly learning how UCL works, meaning that if you vote for me, you’ll get 12 months of effective change.

A whole year of the best student representation and the most confident person to vocalize student issues at all levels within UCL.