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Position: Women's Officer
Aarushi Menon
Why are you standing?: 

My name is Aarushi and I am a 2nd year Geography student. Hello!

If you don’t want to read my whole manifesto, here’s a quick summary: I will deliver better mental health communication across UCL, better environments for trans and non-binary students, and a robust support structure for coming forward about harassment. We all deserve a great community at UCL.

Now, in a little more detail:


Strengthening mental health resource availability on departmental and society levels

More communication about mental health resources at the start of the academic year


Ensuring all training takes place before freshers, including society welfare officers

More information available about actions taken after reporting harassment

More specialised support for people coming forward about harassment

Guaranteed consequences for bullying reports about lecturers


Stop UCL allowing transphobic events to be held on campus

Daily replacement of free menstrual products in bathrooms

Gender neutral toilets

More support & bursaries for students with caring responsibilities

Increased gender diversity in departmental guest speakers

More trans-friendly environments in sport societies


More social media presence for Women’s Officer

More involvement for non-Bloomsbury UCL students

If there are other issues you want to raise, please feel free to! I genuinely want to improve the lives of women at UCL, and would love new perspectives!