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Voting closed 6 months ago.
Number of vacancies: 1

Count and results

Date count run 08 Mar 2019
Election rules ERS97 STV
Candidates running 3
Available position 1
Total ballots 558
Valid votes 558
Invalid votes 0


Round Precious Gestopa Girish Kumar RON (Re-Open Nominations) Exhausted Surplus Quota
1 313.00 226.00 19.00 0.00 34.00 279.00
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 279.00. Candidate Precious Gestopa has reached the Quota and is elected.

Winner is Precious Gestopa.


Precious Gestopa

Precious Gestopa

After being part of the RUMs welfare subcommittee this year, I have seen first-hand the great success there has been with engagement from both the students and the medical school regarding welfare. However, I have also seen the problems that students have faced when it comes to seeking help and truly believe I can break down the barriers in accessing services. I would do this by facilitating discussion between the medical school and students directly so as to dispel any confusion on what it means to access welfare. I would also like to encourage students to consider looking into the services SU UCL offer in conjunction with the services the medical school provides so that no student is left feeling unsupported at any point during their studies.

RUMS takes its strength from its diversity – and I want to protect that. If given the opportunity, I’d like to introduce the idea of Liberation Officers within the sub-committee for the upcoming year, as well as start talks with SUUCL and the medical school to integrate it as an elected role within the RUMS committee. Liberation officers (e.g. BME officers) are a step further in ensuring that RUMS is as inclusive as possible. I will do all I can to make sure everyone’s voices are heard.

As current welfare officer for Filipino society, I am passionate about helping support other students and would like to use the numerous skills and experiences I have gained to make a difference within RUMS. ...


Girish Kumar

Girish Kumar

Truly, RUMS is a well-knit student-support system that safeguards the trust of all students while helping them achieve the very best throughout the 6 years of a roller-coaster ride that is medical school.

To enhance this system, I would like to construct a transparent and anonymous student-welfare service which would provide students with quicker access to safe and effective support. Furthermore, awareness on the welfare system as well as on chronic illnesses and mental health should be incorporated into the curriculum and mediated through workshops, online resources and welfare week. My biggest objective is to calibrate the Personal Tutor system to provide more frequent and personalized support, while educating them on welfare responsibilities required to handle their students. I will strive to establish a well-balanced ground for special-requests and extenuating circumstances that will allow students to step forward without hesitation, resulting a stronger trust with the school. And finally, I would ensure wider participation through liaison with other RUMS societies, along with advocating increased funding to bring about a multitude of student-centered improvements.

At the end of the day, I will pursue to work for you, along with you and put in my maximum contribution to work for the better.

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