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Samuel Barnes
Why are you standing?: 

UCL has its priorities wrong. The university is placing less and less importance on the wellbeing of its students. In responding to this, societies can play a part. This can take the form of supporting new societies which promote outreach and discussion. If I were to be elected Societies Officer, I would guarantee that new and established societies have the opportunity to support their members and the UCL community.

I would bring experience, dedication and innovation to this role. I have worked as the Events Officer for the newly-formed Medieval society, organising talks from best-selling authors and academics. These experiences, especially in a new society, have given me an insight into how societies can grow and progress; an insight I would bring to this role. Secondly, I work as an Academic Rep for History. In the role I have worked with the department to relay students’ feedback and make significant changes to a key module.

If I became Societies Officer, I would try and formalise the relationships between the union and non-affiliated societies. This could just be speaking to them about support for other societies or inviting them to Union events. Whatever the society’s affiliation, I want to support it.