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Priya Krishna

Hi everyone, I’m Priya and I’m running to be your new RUMS Events VP! From making our first friends in Freshers to enjoying a curry with your team at Come Dine with Me, RUMS events are a huge part of our life at medical school, and I would love to help make these times as exciting and as memorable as possible.

Being on the subcommittee this year has given me an insight into what goes on behind the scenes, for example in liaising with venues and promoting events. Next year, I would build on these past experiences to bring about some fantastic events with a particular emphasis on inter-year mixing to further strengthen our RUMS community. The students themselves, for me, are the highlight of any night, and so I would do my best to encourage everyone to get involved by keeping prices within our student budgets. Moreover, as a big fan of ‘organised fun’, my priority would be to ensure that events run smoothly and are well coordinated, without taking away from any of the enjoyment!

With your help, I hope that we can create and share some special RUMS moments. Please reach out if you have any questions!