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Ilyas Benmouna
Why are you standing?: 

My name is Ilyas and i'm a second year Mathematics and Physics student at UCL. Throughout my first 2 years at UCL, I have attended and joined a wide range of different societies including Arabsoc, Banglasoc, iSoc, Red Star FC, Friends of Palestine etc. I have learnt how these societies run and learnt about the different struggles they face. I want to become your new societies officer to help ease these struggles and make sure that more societies are given the correct facilities and funding to make your time at UCL the best it could possibly be. One thing I want to improve on currently as your new societies officer is the communication between the society presidents and treasures with the sabbatical officers. I also want to make it easier for societies to bring in external speakers on shorter notice, making it easier for world class speakers to come and speak at UCL. I hope that my time as societies officer will encourage many new and current societies to flourish and provide the best possible experience for the students here at UCL!