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Sabbatical Officers
Voting closed 10 months ago.
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Number of vacancies: 1


Nicole Orchard /

Nicole Orchard
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Warona George /

Warona George
Manifesto Summary: 

Hi! My name is Warona and I am from Botswana. I want to be your Women's officer because I want to implement student-based support systems for self-identified women on campus, regardless of race, culture, religion, sexuality and ability. However, I also want to allow for support spaces for specific demographics, where people can feel comfortable and share experiences. I would like to give self-identified women a platform to celebrate womanhood in numerous ways, whether it be through the arts, dialogues, exhibitions, sports and cultural showcases. I also aim to foster dialogues that dissect womanhood and its intersections, to bring understanding to our differences as women, but also learn how we can create a bridge amongst women of different backgrounds and cultures towards the liberation of self-identified women. Additionally, I aim to push for the needs of mothers and carers at UCL. Lastly, I will tackle sexism, Islamophobia, racism, ableism, xenophobia and homophobia at UCL through a gendered perspective

Manifesto Document: 

Abeni Adeyemi /

Abeni Adeyemi
Manifesto Summary: 

My name is Abeni Adeyemi a 2nd year Neuroscience and Japanese student. I am running for the position of women's officer.

My aim is to create a sustainable infallible intersectional feminist force by being a voice for the female and non-binary students at UCL.

I pledge to reclaim spaces in Feminism at UCL by ensuring that intersectionality is at the centre of all campaigns & Liberation Movements I push for thus ensuring the women's network is a safe space for all Self-identifying female.

I also pledge to campaign for greater funding for students Psychological Services especially for marginalised women, survivors and non-binary people.

I believe I am sane when I suggest that we should not have to pay for factors our complex physiology subjects us to! This is why I will be campaigning for Free Sanitary Products & Pills etc. Additionally, I would like to start a Sanitary Product collection run by students for disadvantaged women who have less access to such products.

Furthermore, I shall endeavour to provide easily accessible, simplified & transparent resources on Feminism & other significant issues such as the Gender Pay Gap. These resources, I believe are key to starting enlightening conversations; the first step to destabilising Patriarchy that threatens all Women in Society.

Additionally, I pledge to further the campaigns for cutting tuition fees, accommodation fees and cutting the cost of care for students that are also mothers or carers.

The skills I possess that make me suitable for this role have come from the following:

Global Majority ...

Manifesto Document: 

Justine Canady /

Justine Canady
Manifesto Summary: 

My name is Justine and I am re-running for Women's Officer because I want to build on the feminist campaigns started this year. We need to fight sexism head-on by expanding grassroots activism lead by UCL's women.

**Workers’ Rights are a Feminist Issue!**

Everyone deserves a living wage, but as women we are paid less for our work. Women are more likely to be on precarious, low-paid contracts. I will continue to build the Justice for University of London Workers and the Fair Play for Teaching Assistants campaigns, as well as growing the UCL Justice fro Workers - we must end zero hours contracts and outsourcing which are disproportionately imposed on women workers.

**Free education now! Tax the Rich**

Everyone deserves access to higher education. But the cuts in bursaries and maintenance grants along with tuition fees rises have made universities less accessible to women and other oppressed groups. I’ll campaign for living, lower rent, and scrapping tuition fees.

**Free childcare on campus!**

Nearly 10% of UCL students have caring responsibilities, most of whom are women. A lack of support means many are left unable to dedicate the focus they want to their studies, or struggle to pay the bills. I will continue the push for more support, including bursaries to cover costs and to expand the current daycare.

**End sexual harassment and violence!**

No one should feel unsafe anywhere due to their gender or sexuality, especially at UCL. However, sexual harassment and violence remains an ongoing problem. I will ...

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