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Section Committee
Voting is currently closed You would need to self-define as a woman to vote.
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Number of vacancies: 1


Celia Esteban Serna
This network is part of the legacy that other women have created, nurtured and maintained in an institution that was not made for or by them. If elected for this position, I would promote and coordinate campaigns and events to promote justice and liberation on campus. My main aim, however, would be to make mental health services more accessible to all female and non-binary students. Furthermore, although Liberation Networks (Women’s, Disabled, LGBT+, BME and International) have always interacted, I would like to make the Women’s network as inclusive and intersectional as possible by encouraging these campaigns to join efforts. I believe that productive solidarity between activists is needed to make UCL a better place for everyone who faces gendered and other forms of oppression. So roll up your sleeves, we’ve got work to do!