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Part Time Officer
Voting closed 10 months ago.
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Number of vacancies: 1


Ibrahim Inayat /

Ibrahim Inayat
Manifesto Summary: 

Hello everyone, my name is Ibrahim. I’m a third year student aiming to become your next Union Chair. After a year on Council and two years as a Treasurer of different societies, I have become privy to some of the flaws of the Student Union.

By running for Union Chair I am committing to increase student accessibility to Union Council and to increase student engagement and awareness of Union initiatives. I will also push for Sabbatical officers and Part time officers to be held accountable to their manifesto promises, thereby ensuring student concerns are treated with the utmost importance.

Feel free to take a look at my attached manifesto for more information.

Manifesto Document: 

Aditya Chugh /

Aditya Chugh
Manifesto Summary: 

Students' Union UCL is one of the largest and most prestigious university student union in the world with an extremely large budget estimated at over £9 million pounds a year. Recently, it has been run by individuals that have extremely narrow objectives which has resulted in misappropriation of money and exclusion of others with different viewpoints. I have seen the inability of the Union to effectively function in my role as International Communications Officer, and would like to ensure that the union is balanced, transparent, and effective at helping the entire student body if elected. My main goal is to work with the silent majority to ensure that their needs are met and all societies receive adequate funding.

Manifesto Document: