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Soma Oszlanszky
As the current First Year Rep of the Student Committee, I already have a good understanding and insight of how to the committee works and what a Treasurer does. I enjoyed this year being a Committee member, helping people, creating events that people like and I would like to continue doing this next year.
Being an economics student guarantees that I will be able to carry out the responsibilities of the Treasurer quite fine, and next year I wish to maintain the same level of events. I know many of you enjoyed vodka tastings and the Christmas party, so I will keep these and in general I will make sure to keep the quality of your committee at least this year's level. Besides throwing amazing parties like this year, I will cooperate with other societies to have even better and bigger events for you, whereas I would like to work with the department more closely to raise awareness of their great academic events.
So if you like the committee this year, vote for me and you'll like it next year too!