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Section Committee
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Chloe Bell

Chloe Bell
Manifesto text: 

I'm a second year in SoP - you might recognise me from my basic blue puffer jacket. As welfare officer, my main aim would be to offer better, more easily accessible mental health support within SoP - whether that be through more communication with SASO or more collaboration with main UCL. The current system involves those with mental health issues being pushed and redirected from person to person, which can end up deterring people from seeking help. I would act as your first point of contact to ensure any issues are dealt with appropriately without being pushed aside.

I feel there could be more support offered to new students moving to London; I know that moving away from home can be daunting and a massive challenge - and I will signpost these students in the right direction to make the most of their time here, and help them to adapt to life in London and life away from parents. I'd also like to campaign for more (optional) calculations workshop - since maths forms a huge part of the pre-reg exams, and we really do not get enough help in this area.

Also - this year I endeavour to FINALLY get a microwave for the JCR #isabouttime #900watts