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Part Time Officer
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Ruby Akkad
We aim to make our union even stronger.

For the past three years, I have represented your views as student rep and have thoroughly relayed your concerns to our academic staff, pushing ahead with increasing the opening hours of the library and the organising of many career events amongst dozens of other initiatives.

Being the vice president of events at the UCLU Pharmaceutical society, I understand what students look for and their interests. I have arranged numerous networking opportunities for the society.

I am also a NICE student champion, a senior and transition mentor and a member of the support groups held at SOP by the current union.

Throughout my time, I have gained a vast insight into the mechanics of student struggles in SOP, whether that be academic or social.

I have also been involved in the SOP music club which has taught me the value of a harmonious work ethic and how fun it can be to take our minds away from studies with friends that we see on a day to day basis.

During my experiences highlighted above and many others, I have gained the necessary leadership and management skills that will set me up for a good presidency. I deeply care about the School of Pharmacy as it has granted me with such a unique experience. I have learnt a lot and am looking forward to making the time you spend here as wonderful as mine has been so far. I insist on listening to you and I will ensure that no one ever feels left out.

I want us all to succeed, so I will make sure that your academic needs are voiced. My mission is to engage you with as many events and clubs as possible, by organising a host of opportunities (including networking and socialising).

Getting involved in what I have planned will make us all stand out from the crowd.

I am highly dedicated and committed to ensuring that your following year at the School of Pharmacy runs as smoothly as possible.

Below is just a small list of ideas that our team will be preparing for you:

Run study sessions for the lower years
Provide CV workshops
Arrange career support sessions
Continue funding our athletes, musicians & volunteers
Introduce a year book
Setup a movie club
Organise competitions
Host quiz nights
Revive cooking classes
Trevor Lowe
My name is Trevor Lowe and I’m running for the position of SOP Students’ Officer.

As a third-year pharmacy student, I’ve seen what how presidents before me have inspired students through successful leadership of the SOP SU. With experience in various student activities both in the School of Pharmacy and with the wider UCL community, I have the transferable skills necessary to run the student union and get you things you want.

I pledge to be your voice. I pledge to be transparent. Above all, I pledge to be your SOP President.

My policies include:
1) Providing networking opportunities and organising the careers club, to help you focus on your life after uni.
2) Prioritising discussion on the changing pre-registration year policies to ensure the international voice is heard.
3) Supporting you with Oriel to ensure you are well prepared for the new criteria, as well as working with the BPSA and RPS to improve the system.
4) Supporting sports/music clubs and organising charity work and social events, within UCL and with other universities, to foster student engagement.
5) Creating mentoring opportunities and running skills workshops, to equip you with the leadership skills you need to succeed.
6) Offering mental health support, to create a better working environment.
7) More study areas in SOP, to give you the space you need to flourish.