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Sum-Ping Leung
Hello, my name is Sum-Ping and I’m running to be your RUMS VP for Welfare. Whilst undergoing training with Medics4Medics, I realised how little I previously knew about spotting the signs of a mental health issues in other people, and even less about how to help. As a firm believer in prevention being better than cure, I would therefore work to incorporate these two skills into the curriculum, e.g. through CPP. I would also work to introduce stress-relieving measures to the student body, such as by creating a “stress free” space in the Hub where students could relax/sleep, and by making it easier to access student support services, e.g. by adding quick links on Moodle. Finally, I would like to further develop the personal tutor system so that students can properly familiarise themselves with their tutors and feel comfortable going to them for help as opposed to just a “tick box” exercise. Everyone has their ups and downs, and I hope that my hard work and dedication will ensure each and every one of you get the support you need when you need it.
Prithika Prasad
Hi, I’m Prithika and I’m running to be your RUMS VP for Welfare! As a member of the RUMS Welfare sub-committee, I have gained understanding of how RUMS and UCL student support work and helped organise various events. Currently, a wide variety of services are available for students to help cope with the rollercoaster that is Medical School. My aim is to make these services more accessible and well known to every student. I want to ensure that the personal tutor system continues to improve so that it feels less like a forced meeting, and more like a platform to address our concerns. Medicine is hard enough as it is and it’s really important that we have a strong support system. We’re all assigned Medic parents but I hope that over these 6 years, RUMS can become our second home. We’ve had a great year in terms of welfare with new RUMS welfare events and some amazing Medics4Medics events. Building on existing events I want to explore other methods students can use to fight stress, such as yoga and art workshops. I would also like to continue my work with Sexpression to organise discussions on topics such as Sexuality and Consent. I hope that my passion and dedication will ensure that RUMS Welfare continues to grow and that we feel a part of a big family here at Medical School!