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Joshua Bryan
Joshua Bryan
Sports and societies vice president nomination manifesto

Sports and societies Vice President is a role which requires commitment and organisation, as well as a drive to promote everything about RUMS.

Having been Football Social Sec, I know what it takes to organise events, and I aim to make sure everyone is represented at Fresher’s Fair and ensure that Sports Ball is as big as ever.

I hope to maintain good communication and relations with the staff at the Huntley. After the bucket saga, it is vital that everyone is on the same page so that sports night continues to run. Further to this, I aim to get Wednesday night drinks deals to start earlier.

As the current Football Treasurer, I have experience with communicating with the union and negotiating problems. I aim to maintain clear communication channels between the clubs and societies and the union, whilst resisting the union’s attempts to restrict sports and societies.

I want to encourage participation in RUMS sports and societies, and make sure that everyone feels welcome in RUMS, regardless of their background or ability – there is a place for everyone here!

With more clubs participating in varsity, it is important that people attend so that every club gets support on their big day. I aim to do this by promoting and raising awareness of varsity. In the same light, I would like to promote MDs UH competition and get a big RUMS contingent attending.