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Preena Patel
This year, being a part of the Events Committee has introduced me to the workings behind some of RUMS’ most successful events. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the system and as Events VP I hope to build on the achievements of this past year. RUMS Take Me Out was introduced as a new event, appealing to all years and next year I plan to coordinate a similar event on a UH scale. I will continue to encourage the integration of pre-clinical and clinical years in our events and introduce more events for all years.
As for Fresher Events, I have been fortunate enough to help organise some of the events this year. I plan to encourage more activities for students who do not drink, and to also build on the current activities. Events is all about bringing people together and I aspire to make this easy for the new fresher’s.
As part of the Boat Club, I also understand the important of social opportunities in team sports. Some of my closest friends have also helped me understand the importance of being socially active for those with mental health. For these reasons, I hope to bring RUMS Events, Welfare and Sport closer together.
Dhivya Ilangovan
Hi everyone, I’m Dhivya and I would love to be your RUMS VP for Events! RUMS events have really shaped my experience at university and allowed me to meet people who are now some of my best friends. If I were elected, I would try to build on the already high quality of events to ensure that we all have a fantastic experience of RUMS not only in Freshers, but throughout the whole year. One way I would achieve this is by collaborating with Welfare VP to make a wider variety of events, ensuring the social side of RUMS is accessible to everyone. Similarly, I hope to do this by working closely with Finance VP to keep the events within a student budget.

I believe I have gained valuable experience which will help me to fulfil my aims; having been on the RUMS Events Committee this year, I have learnt a lot about efficiently organising and executing a successful event. Taking into account other people’s ideas and listening to feedback is integral to being Events VP, and that’s why I would recruit a subcommittee to assist me in making the events the best they could be. My ultimate goal is to make exciting and inclusive events that cater to everyone, and I think with your support I will be able to achieve this.

I hope to have the honour of being your Events VP in the upcoming year; please get in touch if you have any questions at all about my ideas.