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Felix Sutanto
I have been in Pole Fitness Society for over a year now and I really enjoy doing it. Having been the society's current treasurer, I have worked with the president on many numerous occasions and understand the role relatively well. I also played a key role in organising events like London Winter Pole in December 2017 and London Pole Varsity in February 2018.

My vision for the society is simple; to make the sport ACCESSIBLE and ENJOYABLE to the students of UCL.

There is just 1 main thing I want to do to realise this vision:
To organise more events outside of weekly classes to introduce members to other aspects of sport, such as aerial silks and flying pole workshops, stretch and conditioning workshops, and also more social events.

Having been the treasurer, I am familiar with how the society is run by the committee. This experience will allow me to implement the changes I wish for the society with greater ease.
Naomi Michali