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Part Time Officer
Voting closed 1 year ago. You would need to self-define as LGBT+ to vote.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Cameron Wildridge
My name is Cam, I’m a second year Archaeology BSc student, and I’m a bisexual intersex trans man.

I was/am the Trans Representative on the LGBT+ Network committee for 2017-18, and have been involved in events and groups for LGBT+ people outside of UCL. Last summer, for example, I ran Non-Binary in Tech, a conference focused on highlighting the work of non-binary people in the technology industry. I also have attended and worked with a group called Queer Code London, who provide networking opportunities for LGBT+ people within the tech industry. While both these groups are industry specific, I’ve also worked with and attended more general events and groups- I have raised money for Action for Trans Health, and attended the 2018 LGBT STEMinar. In March I will be attending the NUS LGBT+ Conference as a delegate from UCL.

I know that accessing resources, be they social spaces, or medical resources, or anything else, can be a challenge. If elected as your LGBT+ Officer, I would like to implement new activities and campaigns, building on the existing socials and the campaigns the LGBT+ Network has run at UCL previously (such as Pride in Sport).

My aims as LGBT+ Officer would be:

-Organise a wider range of events. This would include non-alcoholic and arts focused events, as well as section socials (e.g. events specifically for students of colour, trans students, women students etc)

-Co-ordinate further and more frequently with other societies and networks at UCL. Examples of what this might look like include (but are not limited to) arts/cultural events, co-ordinated socials with the BME and Women’s Networks, or involvement in campaigns run by other Officers or Networks.

-Co-ordinate further and more frequently with other UoL LGBT+ societies and networks. I have worked with Trans Reps and Officers from other UoL societies and networks as part of my role as Trans Rep. This will allow for larger budgets and larger events to take place.

-Affiliate the Network with Action for Trans Health and address the concerns of trans students around access to healthcare (general as well as trans specific)