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Part Time Officer
Voting closed 1 year ago.
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Cameron Wildridge

Cameron Wildridge
Manifesto Summary: 

My name is Cam, I’m a second year Archaeology BSc student, and I’m a bisexual intersex trans man.

I was/am the Trans Representative on the LGBT+ Network committee for 2017-18, and have been involved in events and groups for LGBT+ people outside of UCL. Last summer, for example, I ran Non-Binary in Tech, a conference focused on highlighting the work of non-binary people in the technology industry. I also have attended and worked with a group called Queer Code London, who provide networking opportunities for LGBT+ people within the tech industry. While both these groups are industry specific, I’ve also worked with and attended more general events and groups- I have raised money for Action for Trans Health, and attended the 2018 LGBT STEMinar. In March I will be attending the NUS LGBT+ Conference as a delegate from UCL.

I know that accessing resources, be they social spaces, or medical resources, or anything else, can be a challenge. If elected as your LGBT+ Officer, I would like to implement new activities and campaigns, building on the existing socials and the campaigns the LGBT+ Network has run at UCL previously (such as Pride in Sport).

My aims as LGBT+ Officer would be:

-Organise a wider range of events. This would include non-alcoholic and arts focused events, as well as section socials (e.g. events specifically for students of colour, trans students, women students etc)

-Co-ordinate further and more frequently with other societies and networks at UCL. Examples of ...

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