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Section Committee
Voting closed 1 year ago. You would need to self-define as BME (Black or Minority Ethnic) to vote. You would need to self-define as LGBT+ to vote.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Kendall Field-Pellow
Why am I the candidate for BME Rep?
My name’s Kendall (aka Kenny) and I’m running for the position of Black and Minority Ethnic Representative on the LGBT+ committee. I am active members of the ‘UCL: Fund Our Mental Health Services’, ‘UCL, Cut the Rent’ and ‘Fossil Free UCL’ campaigns in addition to being a member of UCL Amnesty International Society and a volunteer in UCL Marrow and was the winner of the title of volunteer of the month in my first month at UCL. I already have experience with representing the LGBT+ community as during sixth form I was an active member of my school’s ‘Pride Society’. My involvement in these show just how important I regard social justice and standing up for those whose voices are not always heard. As representative, I would:

• Be an approachable
• voice for those who identify as LGBT+ and/or BME since from my personal experience I know this is not always easy and can present many struggles.

• Campaign to
• encourage a safe and welcoming environment across campus for all, especially those who are LGBT+ and/or BME.

• Understand
• the importance of supporting the UCL Student Hardship Funds, including the Accommodation Hardship Fund won by ‘UCL, Cut the Rent’, for those who receive less support from home, which can be the case for those in the LGBT+ and/or BME communities - for example
• a student who identifies as LGBT+ (especially BME as well) could be unexpectedly estranged from their family which would result in a lack of financial support they were relying on and so extra financial support ought to be provided by the likes of UCL.

• Address issues
• such as the mental health stigma faced both outside and within our group as well as the need for greater representation in the UCL community and beyond.

• Collaborate
• with the LGBT+ Rep in the BME network to ensure that both networks have a wider and effective outreach to students who identify as both BME and LGBT+.

• Seek to organise
• events where BME LGBT+ students can meet up, feel comfortable, and discuss and campaign for relevant issues in the wider LGBT+ community
Ikeoluwa Adeniji-Fashola