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Christine McNally
Last year I was on the RUMS finance and operations sub-committee. While on the sub-committee my responsibilities included communicating with potential sponsors to secure funding for events hosted by RUMS. The money secured was then able to go towards the cost of running various events and meant a reduction in the ticket prices for these events. As treasurer for the horse riding club my main aim will be to secure sponsorship for us over the summer to increase the funds available to the club.
Outside of university I tutor students up to GCSE level. This requires a lot of trust from both them and their parents that I can be reliable and knowledgeable in the given subject area.
On the numbers side of things, I have always enjoyed maths having studied it to AS level and I am extremely good at counting with a spotless track record of counting to 100.
The horse riding club means a lot to me and I want to pitch in more next year to maintain its smooth running which is why I would like you to vote for me to be your treasurer.